How to Remove Dry Paint From Shoes

Paint stains can make your shoes seem messy, old, and uninviting. Yet, there is always a chance you could spill paint over your boots as you work on your art or DIY painting projects. Some paints are hard to clean off and this can make you despair and even toss your favorite sneakers into the trash bin. Herein are useful hacks to help restore your treasured footwear to its earlier glory.

How-to Steps

There are variants of paints and each variation will have a given effect on a shoe surface. Shoe surfaces also vary in finish and design. For this, there isn’t a one-size-solves-all approach to cleaning paint off shoes. Below are the processes to cleaning different paints off your shoes.

How to Remove Paint off Leather Shoes

1. Acrylic paint

The fast drying acrylic paint is composed of polymer emulsions. This makes the paint water soluble when it’s in wet state.

To scrub off acrylic paint, first dip a towel in warm soapy water. Proceed to rub the affected shoe surface with the damp cloth to absorb the paint. Repeat till all the paint has been cleared.

Dry your shoe with a dry towel and apply a conditioner to restore its pristine condition.

If the acrylic paint has already dried up, soak a clean towel with olive oil. Apply the oil on the paint patch. Let the oil sit for around 10 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Use a blunt knife to scrap off the paint. Wipe out the remaining paint with a scrub pad before cleaning with hot, warm soapy water.

2. Water-based paint

In contrast to cleaning acrylic paint, water based paint can be removed by wiping off the affected area with a mild detergent or soap. If the paint had dried up, use a magic eraser as it has an abrasive surface that will clean off the paint without leaving unsightly scratches.

Once the paint has eased off, clean the surface with water and let it dry.

3. Oil-based paint

Oil-based paints have linseed and alkyd components. For this, these oils are harder to clean off and thus require that you use turps or any specialty thinner.

First off, try removing excess paint by using a paper towel. Be cautious not to spread the oil on the shoe surface. Apply a small amount of olive oil over the surface to absorb the paint.

Bring in soapy water with a lukewarm temperature. Use the water to clean the oil off using a soft sponge. Apply leather cleaner to remove any remaining paint stains on the shoe.

4. Latex paints

Wet latex paint can be removed by first soaking the shoe in water and then wiping off the paint.

However, when the paint dries up, it’s far tougher to cure it off. In this case, you’ll need solvents to remove the paint. While there are various solvents to choose from, rubbing alcohol has been proved to be efficient and easily available.

To clean the paint, apply the solvent on the patch affected. Give it a few minutes to soften and then scrap off the paint using a plastic scrapper. You can clean the residue using a rag dipped in the solvent for a uniform finish.

How to Remove Paint off Canvas Shoes

Canvas doesn’t absorb paint as fast as leather. It’s thus easier to clean paint stained canvas shoes either using water or a solvent depending on the kind of stain.

Cleaning Acrylic Paint from Canvas Shoes

Step 1: Absorb the excess paint using a dry towel. You can also scoop the excess paint using a dull knife. This allows easy cleaning of the paint that’s on the fabric.

Step 2: Use a cloth soaked in warm water to dampen the paint patch. This makes the shoe fabric pliable. Water also activates the detergents.

Step 3: Clean the patch using water dipped in a detergent or soapy water. Apply some pressure when cleaning to force off the paint.

Step 4: Run clean water over the area to rinse the shoe. If there are visible stains, apply a nail polish and dab it on the paint.

Step 4: Dry the shoe under controlled sunlight. This protects it from excess heat that may disintegrate the glue linings of the shoe.

Cleaning Dry Acrylic Paint from Canvas Shoes

Step 1: start by chipping off some of the dried paint with a coarse brush.

Step 2: soften the stain by dampening it with warm soapy water. Ensure the water is enough to soften the section of the shoe that’s stained.

Step 3: Use a hard object to scrape off the softened ink.

Step 4: wash the remaining ink with a lot of water till all the paint has been cleaned off.

Step 5: Apply a nail polish to remove stubborn stain that may still ne remaining. Once the area is clean, proceed to dry your shoe under a shade.

Precautions when Cleaning Paint off your Shoes

Some materials used to make your shoe may disintegrate when soaked in water. As such, you should always check on the recommended cleaning methods for the particular type of shoe.

Clean the paint when it is still wet. Most paint varieties become harder to remove as they settle and dry.  This is especially so for oil based paints.

When drying the shoe, ensure you use the recommend method. Direct sunlight or excessive heating may cause the glue to melt ruining your treasured footwear.

Be cautious when trying DIY stain removers as some may bleach your shoe and even cause the leather to crack.

It can help to choose a certain shoe for any paintwork. This way, you won’t have to remove stains on your shoes and risking destroying the fabric.

Parting Shot

The fear of staining your shoe shouldn’t prevent you from working on your paint art projects or giving your man cave a new coat of paint.

The guidelines outlined herein will easily restore your shoes to its pristine condition. If the methods do not work, it’d help to reach out to a cobbler for thorough cleaning and restoration.

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