How to Keep Feet from Sweating In Work Boots

Do your feet sweat excessively anytime you wear work boots? Does the sweat cause itching, fungal infections, and embarrassing odor? This condition may be caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis. According to IHS, 5 percent of the world’s population suffers from this condition. That said, having hyperhidrosis shouldn’t make your days unbearable all through. Below are six techniques you can employ to manage sweaty feet.

How to Keep Feet from Sweating In Work Boots

Common Myths about Sweating Feet

Myth No. 1: Sweating is the cause of smelly feet

Many people often assume feet sweating causes smelly feet. While excessive sweating can lead to feet odor, it’s the presence of bacteria that precipitate development of feet odor.


Myth No. 2: Talcum powder can fight feed odor

Magnesium silicate present in talcum powder has the ability to absorb a percentage of moisture on the feet. This reduces feet odor for s short period. In the long run, though, excess sweat will still mix with bacteria and cause smelly feet.

Myth No. 3: Feet Odor is more intense in men than women

This is a common stereotyping whose origins are in athletes locker rooms. However, there isn’t any medical backing to the claims.

6 Techniques to Keep your Feet from Sweating

  • Wear thick, absorbent socks

Wicking socks absorb moisture from the skin thus keeping your feet dry. This destroys the environment that allows odor causing bacteria to thrive. A good alternative to rocking wicking socks is wearing two pairs of socks or changing them on a constant basis.

Socks made of pure cotton are also ideal in reducing sweating as the pores enable your feet to breathe.  

  • Sprinkle antifungal powder in the shoes

Bacteria that cause smelly feet cannot survive in a dry environment. Applying antifungal powder on your shoes insoles helps keep the interiors on your shoe dry thought out the day.  Antifungal powders made of talcum can be especially helpful for those who experience excessive sweating.

  • Make use of antiperspirant

To a body, sweating is a kin to a built-in air conditioning that releases used components from a building. But this moisture being released comprises of used compounds, it easily cause smelly feet.

Applying an antiperspirant deactivates the glands responsible for sweating. This reduces the amount of sweat released from the body thus lowering possibility of smelly feet. 

  • Rub alcohol between toes

Dabbing a small amount of alcohol between the toes helps to keep the feet dry. Since alcohol evaporates with ease, it carries the sweat from the skin.  Alcohol should only be used as a short measure as excess usage could lead to skin irritation.

  • Soak your feet in a mixture of salty water and vinegar

Soaking your feet in bowl filled warm salty water for 10 minutes helps pullout moisture from your feet and make them less-inviting for bacteria.

Deeping your feet in a mixture of vinegar mixture for 20 minutes make the skin less hospitable for odor causing fungi. The vinegar should be added in the ratio of one part vinegar and three parts water.

  • Clean the boots often

When your boots are dirty and soggy, the fabrics breathability is greatly affected. Much of the sweat is retained within the shoe creating a conducive environment for bacteria to thrive.

To safeguard your feet, clean the boots after every few days use and let dry before wearing them again. This also helps prolong their life as dirt can easily weaken the fabric leading to cracks.


Excessive sweating, coupled with smelly feet, can lower your self-esteem especially if you have to remove your shoes in front of people on a constant basis. Understanding the causes of smelling feet and embracing simple solutions can ease the pain of being ridiculed. Try out of the prevention methods in this guide and enjoy odorless moments when you remove your shoes.

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