how do you stop shoes from making noise when you walk

Squeaky shoes can be a huge embarrassment especially in public or work place settings.  Think of walking to a meeting or a quiet auditorium with shoes making those embarrassing noise akin to releasing air. It can be hell, right?

Knowing the source of the squeaking sounds can save the humiliation in future. Here’s a rundown of common causes of irritating sounds in shoes.

why do shoes make noise when you walk?

Excess moisture

Excessively damp interiors make your shoes soggy. As you walk, water is forced out producing a rather annoying sound.

Trapped air

If the insoles or the soles of your shoes are made of a spongy material such as rubber, they are likely to trap air. Whenever you take a step, the air is forced out in a rather attention seeking manner.

Sloppy insoles

If the insoles aren’t a proper fit, they will often move around as you walk. The resultant friction with the bottom part of the shoe causes sloppy sounds.

Worn out insoles

When your kicks wear out, they attract all sorts of problems. They insoles can no longer your weight while the outer soles recline to one side. What’s embarrassing, though, is that the thin sheet that’s remaining of insoles moving inside the shoe unabated producing all the funny and annoying sounds as you walk.

How Do You Stop shoes from Making Noise When You Walk

For most people, they’d rather wear a less than attractive shoe pair rather than put up with the embarrassment.  But you can salvage the situation by applying the ingenious tricks highlighted below.

  • Using anti-humidity talcum powder

Excess humidity makes the insoles damp and slippery. The leads to annoying sounds as you walk. Sprinkling some talcum powder or cornstarch inside the shoes helps eliminate the moisture. Besides absorbing the moisture, talcum powder is also a deodorant that keeps your shoes fresh and odorless.  

  • Fabric softener to dry the interiors

An alternative trick to eliminating moisture is putting the shoe in a dryer for a few minutes. To safeguard the fabric of the shoe, insert into the shoe a washcloth dipped in a fabric softener.  The softener helps maintain the shape of the shoe during the drying process. It also keeps the shoe supple.  

  • Coconut oil minimizes noisy friction

The friction between your shoes’ insoles and the fabric could be the cause of the noisy shouts. Smearing a thin layer of coconut oil, or petroleum jelly, minimizes friction between the parts of your shoes.

  • Changing the insoles

When the insoles are worn out or excessively sloppy, it can help to replace them with a coarser model that won’t trap moisture.  You can also add a layer of clothing on top of the insoles to make them less slippery. Even then, this should only be a temporary remedy.  

  • Conditioning the exterior of your shoes

The squeaking isn’t necessarily due to sloppy insoles. The notorious ingressive sound can also be occasioned by a loose tongue or poorly kept exteriors. Buffing your shoes on a regular basis helps keep the fabric supple and less likely to squeak.

  • Deflate the heels

Insoles made of rubber often trap air at the heels. Whenever you walk, the escaping air produces some crackling sound.  

Piercing the heel area with a sharp object such as a needle opens those pockets that trap air. You can also make smalls holes on the soles on the rubber shoes to release the air freely as you walk.

  • Professional’s remedy

If you have experimented with different products and strategies but still can’t eliminate the noise, it’d help to seek the services of a trained hand.

Such an individual will not only uncover the problem but also use professional products to remedy the problem. Even then, you should be ready to shell some bucks for the services but you will be assured of going home with a more comfortable shoe.

Final Words

Squeaking in shoes can be caused by different things. For instance, if you get caught in a rainstorm, your shoes will become soggy and start producing those embarrassing sounds. However, once they dry, the annoying sound disappears.

But if the sound remains persistent, this guide is a perfect place to learn on ways to remedy things and enjoy wearing your shoes in whichever place.

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