Going fishing, boating, kayaking or a beach holiday? Well, there’s one thing you don’t want to miss in your suitcase: water shoes!

You see, you could carry your regular open shoes – sometimes they may do the trick, but when it comes to the extremely wet environments, they won’t cut it. 

The regular sneakers are not made to handle sneaky Rocky River basins, splashes and anything of the sort.

The best water shoes for women are sturdy enough and specifically designed to protect your feet from rocks, water and everything in between. Ooh, and not to forget, fashionable!

Water Shoes For Women Comparison

But how do you go about searching for the best pair for your needs? Are there factors to consider?

What types are great for me? Well, don’t worry; we are going to answer all these questions in this review, and, of course, highlight some great options for you.



1. adidas outdoor Women’s Terrex Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe

2. Sea Star Slingback Sandal Water


3.Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Water


4.Speedo The Wake Water


5.Aleaders Women Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe

6.Columbia Women’s Drainmaker III

Trail Shoes

7. Keen Women’s Uneek 8MM


8.Centipede Demon Women’s Water


9.Supershoes Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

10. Pooluly women’s water



There are three main reasons you need to wear water shoes every time you are going to engage in any water-related activity.

Let’s have a look:

Protection of your foot:

That’s right! Water shoes are not any kind of shoes; they are specifically designed for more active endeavors.  Think of it this way: you ever walked on a rocky bed with sharp sediments on the beach?

How did it feel like? We know it can be irritating and painful, especially for the ladies with really soft feet.

Now, with water shoes, your feet will be protected from the abrasions, bumps and spikes, while at the same time keeping sediments and rocks out. Amazing, right?

Quick drying: 

The idea of water shoes is to keep your feet dry. Water shoes will not prevent your feet from getting wet, no! They will prevent them from staying wet, which is the most important thing.

Great traction: 

Water shoes are, obviously, designed to be used in water. But manufacturers know that draining water isn’t the only thing they should focus on when making the footwear.

They are aware that there’s a high possibility of water environments to be slippery, so they have to come up with a grippy sole for utmost traction.

10 Best Water Shoes For women

1. adidas outdoor Women’s Terrex Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe

As a woman, we bet you are into stylish stuff. Well, the Terrex Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe won’t let you down.

The pair comes in three impressive color combinations: Black/Chalk White/Matte Silver, Core Green/Chalk White/Tactile Pink, and Mid Grey/Chalk White/Easy Orange, as well as a classic appearance for the fashion conscious ladies.

When it comes to quality, you’ll love the fact that the upper is made of textile designed with an open mesh for breathability throughout your entire fishing expedition or sailing.

And did we mention that the upper also comprises of a sleek silhouette for a woman’s specific look and fit? It does!

The foot bed and outsole are where all the magic is! They are designed to be perforated in order to allow draining of the water out of the shoes when you are in this sailing or fishing expedition.

What We Like

  • Quality textile and synthetic material
  • Stylish
  • Stretchable heel insert to ensure optimal fit
  • checkClimacool tooling construction to ensure enhanced comfort and breathability
  • checkAvailable in plenty of sizes
  • checkSleek silhouette to provide women’s specific look and fit

What We Don’t  Like

  • Not very lightweight to wear all summer
  • Verdict

    Yes, the Terrex Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe may not be the best option for those who are looking for an extremely lightweight pair to wear all summer, but it’s a great choice for those who spend time in wet environments from time to time.

    Besides the fact that they are stylish, the pair is also stretchable and has a great fit. We would recommend it for all holiday goers!

    2. Sea Star Slingback Sandal Water Shoe

    Vacation time is when you need less of official wears and more of casual wears, especially when going boat riding, swimming, or that beach holiday, right?

    That nice bikini will certainly need to be on your to-carry list, but don’t forget about a nice pair of water shoes for ladies such as Sea Star Slingback Sandal.

    Well, the Slingback sandal is the perfect definition of comfort, and we will tell you why. You see, the upper is made with a soft, flexible neoprene with rubber deck sole, all for providing a comfortable fit.

    You can literally wear this pair anytime of the day, whether you are out lounging, swimming or any other activity that requires your feet to come in contact with water.

    Worried about style? We bet you are, and frankly, every lady out there is! With this pair, you don’t need to worry as it gets you sorted when it comes to style.

    It has a classic beachcomber which makes it have an easy slip on and a water friendly neoprene that brings style to any boat, pool or beach.

    The Slingback Sandal is also lightweight which means you can easily fit in your handbag as you head for that vacation.

    What We Like

    • Perfect for travel due to its lightweight nature
    • Comfortable fit
    • Classic style
    • checkNeoprene upper dries quickly
    • checkWater-friendly design for any boat, pool or beach
    • checkNo hassles of tying laces/slip on design
    • checkAvailable in a wide range of colors

    What We Don’t Like

  • No half sizes, so you need to size up for a perfect fit
  • Verdict

    Though the Slingback Sandal may not favor those who wear half size like 6.5 or 7.5 (but don’t worry, you can size up for a better fit), it gives your feet great comfort and has a classic style that makes you feel good when walking on the beaches.  

    The lightweight nature of the shoes allow you to pack them even in your hand bag as you head out for that sailing expedition. Try them and see what we are talking about.

    3. Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Water Shoe


    Looking for a shoe that you can use for both water aerobics and cross-training? Hydro Sport Water Shoe is the right choice for you, for two simple reasons:

    One, the upper part is chlorine-resistant, meaning that you could use them near the pool or any other environment with chlorine without worrying about them losing their natural color.

    Two, these shoes come with perforated nitracel foot bed to allow draining of water. And that’s not all, ladies!

    The pair is also designed with flexible rubber and removable sole that features a superior traction and water drainage system all in the name of comfort. You love it already, right?

    Style and colors are also something you will love about the Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport.

    They come in a variety of colors to choose from such as detox blue/twinkle blue/chrome silver, silver cloud/cool mist grey/winter blue/pink, black/berry/chrome silver and silver blue just to keep you stylish out there. 

    Hydro sport water shoes also have a mesh that prevents stones from going in your feet, so you can have those beach walks all day without hurting your smooth sole.

    What We Like

    • Rubber sole
    • Aquatic cross trainer with perforated nitracel foot bed, drainage ports and removable sole
    • Synthetic and mesh
    • checkChlorine resistant material
    • checkSticky rubber for better traction on wet surfaces

    What We Don’t Like

  • Unstrechable laces
  • Verdict

    The Ryka Hydro Sport Water Shoe may not have the stretchable laces but when it comes to the general make, you’ll love the quality.

    For starters, the pair comes with a synthetic mesh for longevity and breathability and a rubber sole for utmost comfort.  What’s more the sticky rubber sole prevents you from sliding on wet surfaces.

    4. Speedo The Wake Water Shoe

    You do love comfort, right? Who doesn’t! When it comes to a comfort fit, very few pairs can beat the Speedo The Wake Water Shoes.

    The non-slip traction combined with the rubber pods that are strategically placed guarantee you the ultimate comfort, especially when you are engaging in high-impact activities.

    And there’s more! The pair also features a lateral support system that offers you a secure fit.

    This pair is designed with FluidFlow technology that lets water to drain freely from the upper as well as the outsole, keeping your feet dry all the time.

    With the full drainage capabilities, you are sure to walk on any environment, whether on the beach or at the park, without worrying about dampness in your shoes.

    We can’t forget about the colors, because, as you already know, most ladies want versatility. Well, this pair has a great casual style and comes with a range of colors to match with any attire.

    You can pick the grey/neon pink pair or the black/white one. If these two don’t excite you, there’s another option for white/blue.

    What we like

    • Quick drying breathable mesh
    • Synthetic sole
    • All-purpose amphibious shoe
    • checkFluid flow technology helps water drain faster
    • checkLateral support system offers secure fit

    What we don’t like

  • Sharp plastic stitching on the back part, making it slightly uncomfortable for people with wide foot or ankle
  • Verdict

    There’s so much to love about The Wake Water Shoes. For starters, the pair is designed with an upper mesh that ensures utmost breathability, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable at all times regardless of the environment.

    The lateral support system is also something else you will appreciate. It doesn’t not only offer your feet a perfect fit, but the much-needed comfort when you are out there.

    Though the sharp plastic stitching at the back of the feet may not guarantee the best comfort for people with wide feet, The Wake Water Shoe has great style, is durable and can be worn any time of the day.                      


    5. Aleaders Women Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe

    Thinking of acqua zumba, boat riding and all activities involving wet environments, yet you don’t have a pair that’s designed for such surroundings?

    Well, why don’t you try out the Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe! This pair has a comforDry sockliner, which provides optimum cushioned performance giving you a drier, healthier and cooler shoe environment.

    Did we mention it comes with a Solyte midsole that makes the shoe extremely lightweight? Well, that’s true. And this features guarantees excellent durability and bounce-back.

    And there’s more, ladies! Aleaders Women Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes comes in different colors to go with different occasions. These include Light Gray/Pink, Black, Gray, Pink (stylish), Black/Gray, Blue (Stylish), Green (Stylish), 207-black/Gray, Sandy Rose, Clear and many more.

    What we like

    • Durable and breathable air mesh that allows feet to breathe
    • Rubber sole for comfort
    • Water drainage outsole
    • checkHole on the sole for quick drying
    • checkComforDry sockliner

    What We Don’t Like

  • The large mesh holes could get filled with sand, but if you’re waking on wet sand or water, they should do just fine
  • Verdict

    If you are looking for a perfect pair of shoe for your next vacation, we dare you to try the Aleaders Women Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe. Firstly, these shoes come with a Solyte midsole that provides excellent bounce-back and are extremely durable.

    The water drain outsole is specifically designed to ensure that you walk well in slippery and wet conditions. We have to mention, though, the large mesh holes could get filled with dry sand, but you shouldn’t worry if you are walking in wet sand or water.


    6. Columbia Women’s Drainmaker III Trail Shoes

    Drainmaker III Trail Shoes is a great pair for yacht racing, sailing and other water activities. The textile used gives comfort thus making you have a great easy time when you are around wet areas.

    You don’t need to worry about the shell particles and stones from getting in your shoes because the upper synthetic mesh prevents them from getting in your feet.

    Did we mention that it has midsole ports for water drainage and air-flow? Well, yes – it does, and you will love to know why! The midsole ports help the water drain faster thus keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

    Wearing shoes that keep sliding when you walk on wet surfaces is annoying right?

    Well, the Columbia Women’s Drainmaker III Trail Shoes has a synthetic sole that would help on grip to avoid the sliding, whether you on a boat excursion or taking a stroll along the beach line.

    When going for any kind of water event, we understand that, as a lady, you may want to match your clothes and shoes.

    Worry no more because this pair comes in a range of color combinations to ensure you don’t only enjoy comfort, but also style. 

    We are talking about colors such as Quarry/Candy Mint, Dolphine/Squash, Oyster/Tango Pink, Zour/Dove, Razzle/Zour and Red Hibiscus/Sunnyside.

    What we like

    • Textile/Synthetic upper for durability
    • Open mesh and synthetic upper to prevent stones from going in your feet
    • Synthetic sole for perfect fit
    • checkMidsole ports to drain water
    • checkAvailable in a variety of sizes
    • check4 awesome color options
    • checkFairly affordable

    What we don’t like

  • The shoes tend to a bit wide, but this could be solved by getting a slightly smaller size
  • Verdict:

    Although a bit wide, there’s a lot of things to love about the Drainmaker III Trail Shoes. For starters, the pair has an open mesh on the upper part, guaranteeing ventilation to keep your feet fresh and odorless.

    And for those who prioritize on comfort, you will love the fact that this pair comes with midsole ports for utmost comfort.

    7. Keen Women’s Uneek 8MM Sandal

    The Uneek 8MM Sandal is a great shoe made of leather guaranteeing you longevity. Thanks to the make, you can wear this pair for long without worrying about tearing or any kind of damage.

    With a stylish look and a couple of colors to choose from such as Black/Black, Zinfandel/Purple Wine, Purple Heart, Anemone/Very Berry, True and many more, this pair of shoe will rekindle the fashion sense in you.

    When out for swimming and you are out of the water for a break, you’d probably need some shoes to walk around the pool on. With the wet surface, we know your main worry would be to slip.

    But with the Keen Women’s Uneek 8MM Sandal, this will not be the case. The shoe comes with a rubber sole that works well on wet surfaces by providing a perfect grip, not to mention giving your feet great comfort.

    What we like

    • Rubber sole for comfort
    • Leather/synthetic for durability
    • Pull on sandal featuring macramé-inspired upper and toggle closure
    • checkPlenty of colors to choose from
    • checkEasy to wear and remove
    • checkComes in different sizes

    What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t dry fast, but does it job of keeping the water away from your feet
  • Verdict

     Keen Uneek 8MM Sandal may not be the best when it comes to drying, but it comes with many features that make it a perfect pair for those looking to spend time in wet environments.

    The shoe is designed with a rubber sole that offers great grip when walking around wet surfaces. Worried about durability? Well, Keen the Uneek is a shoe you can wear for quite a long time without worries of it wearing out after a few uses.


    8. Centipede Demon Women’s Water Shoes

    Surfing, water park, yoga, cycling, swimming… it! All these activities can be done using Centipede Demon water shoe.

    This pair is very lightweight; you hardly notice them on your feet because they are more of socks than shoes.

    Yes, that’s right – we thought of including a unique pair that doesn’t necessarily take the design of a normal shoe.

    These shoes could easily fit in your handbag or bag pack, making it easy for you to carry them around when you are planning to go for an outdoor activity.

    And what about drying? Do they dry fast? Well, you got that right! The Centipede Demon Women’s Water Shoes are designed to dry quick leaving your feet fresh.

    Did you know they have a smooth neck to prevent chafing when putting them on? They do! Whenever you wear these shoes, you will have an easy time thanks to the amazing smooth-neck design.

    We also can’t forget about the non-slip rubber sole that acts as shock absorber to protect your feet as well as provide a firm grip, preventing unnecessary slipping.

     The Centipede Demon is stylish and come in great colors that gives you an opportunity to make a perfect choice for your needs. These include Arrow Green, black, light blue, color leaf, triangle, bright green, color pattern and many more.

    What we like

    • Convenient to carry
    • Non-slip sole 
    • Polyester material for durability
    • checkGreat compromise between barefoot and shoes
    • checkUpper elastic
    • checkRubber sole for grip
    • checkAvailable in plenty of colors
    • checkVariety of sizes to choose from
    • checkAffordable option

    What we don’t like

  • Lose fit, so you have to size down a bit
  • Verdict

    Centipede Demon Women’s Water Shoes may not be a good fit if you order the exact size, at least for some people, so you may have to size down a bit for a better fit. These shoes are, however, unique.

    They are designed more of socks than actual shoes and are very light; you hardly notice them on your feet, especially when swimming.

    You could carry the shoes anywhere in your handbag or even bag pack for swimming or surfing.


    9. Supershoes Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

    Ladies who love kayaking, camping, water volleyball, jogging, surfing or beach playing activities, should have the perfect shoes that are not only comfortable, but keeps water out of their feet.

    The Supershoes Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes does this and more. The pair is lightweight making it convenient for you to carry it around when going for beach activities during those summer days.

    The solyte midsole provides you a good bounce-back and its durability is super. The comforDry sockliner provides optimum cushioning performance, keeping your feet cool, dry and healthy.

    You won’t need to worry about your feet getting infected with some of the foot problems like  athletes foot or pains associated with plantar fasciitis

    The mesh helps your feet have fresh air and the elastic laces ensures your shoes don’t keep coming out causing any discomfort. When walking in wet slippery surfaces the water-grip outsole will provide exceptional traction.

    The holes on the sole enables drying to be quick keeping your feet dry and comfy.

    What we like

    • Quick drying upper mesh
    • Water grip outsole
    • Solyte midsole providing extreme lightweight
    • checkRubber sole to absorb shock
    • checkFeatures sufficient toe room
    • checkBreathable  and durable air mesh

    What we don’t like

  • Narrow size
  • Verdict

    The Supershoes Women’s may not be of good fit if you have wide feet but you could get a bigger shoe to get a comfortable fit.

    The water grip sole helps you from falling of the rocks or sliding on wet surfaces for those who love camping and rock climbing. The quick drying upper mesh ensures the shoes dry faster, keeping your feet healthy.

    The large toe room even makes this pair great for people with flat feet.


    10. ​Pooluly women’s water shoe

    The Pooluly Women’s Water Shoes have a light slip-resistant cushioned sole that provides you with a great grip, as well as full drainage capability.

    Worried about the shoe coming off your feet when in the swimming pool or around wet areas?

    Well worry not because the Pooluly Women’s Water Shoes has a closed slip on and a flexible fabric that keeps your shoes on every time.

    The breathable lining gives you exceptional support for great performance.

     It also helps your feet dry fast, preventing them from staying dump. Style is also an important factor when it comes to water shoes, and this pair has been made with that in mind.

    It comes in a variety of color choices to choose from, ranging from red, white, black white, gray, navy, black and blue.

    There is also a quick-drying textile on the upper that gives it great style to be able to wear it from water to land without much hassle.

    What we like

    • Fabric sole
    • Slip on closed for flexibility
    • Great grip
    • checkQuick drying textile on the upper
    • checkCushioned insole and breathable lining

    What we don’t like

    • Rocks may stick on the sole


    Comfort, style, breathability, and grip! All these are well catered for with the Pooluly Women’s Water Shoe. There is a variety of colours that you can choose to match your costume.

    The Pooluly Women’s Water Shoes may not be perfect for the beach because of the rocks that may stick on the sole of your shoes but it has proper drainage that keeps your feet dry when on other wet environments.

    Choosing the Best Water Shoes for Women: Buying Guide!

    A good quality pair of water shoes, whether for men, women or kids, is dependent on many factors, but it all boils down to the type of water activity you intend to engage in. 

    You see, the right shoe for kayaking may not be the perfect pair for hiking or fishing, so it’s important you evaluate its use before you click that buy button.

    Here are some of the common activities you need to know about:


    You see some short hikes where you have to walk through rivers and climb rocky hills needs a great pair that can handle all; one that keeps your feet dry while at the same time enabling you overcome the challenges of hiking.

    For this, go for a pair that offers plenty of protection, rugged sole, and amazing drying properties. If the pair uses elastic heel, ensure that it doesn’t stretch loosely to keep your feet in position as you climb steep uphill.

    Also consider going for a pair with regular races instead of elastic or pull-on shoes. This will help provide support when navigating irregular terrain.

    And, as a general rule of thumb, the pair has to be breathable and fits your feet well right of the bat to save you from blisters.


    For the ladies who love kayaking, you will want a pair that stays on and provides you the much-needed traction and protection for sanding in rocky waters.

    This one is simple, though – you can just go for a pair that well comfortable and quick drying!


    If you are going fishing, prioritize on traction instead of fancy properties. We are talking about shoes with tackier rubber, aggressive soles and so on.

    If you are wading through a rocky river, then go for some extra features, such as foot protection. Get one with a lacing system that keeps your shoe intact.

    Final Words

    After reading our review, we hope you have come to understand various types of water shoes, their features, how to choose the right pair, and, of course why you need them when looking to engage in any water activity.

    As a lady, we understand what you might be looking for, and that’s why we have diligently chosen the best pairs for you needs. Pick the best and have fun!

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