Best Water Shoes for Toddlers, Babies, & Kids

Water shoes, much like other shoes, are primarily made with to protect our feet. Think about the dangers that lark in puddles and also rivers and lakes.

If you have gone hiking or even trailing along rivers in the woods then you probably understand what we are talking of here.

Underneath the still waters in that favorite trailing site larks all sorts of objects that could end up hurting your little ones’ feet.

We can’t always prevent our young ones from enjoying jumping into puddles or even rushing after the waves at the shoreline…but the jagged shells, stinging sea creatures and the sharp rocks along the brooks will sure be unforgiving, hence the need for this life saving footwear.

Water Shoes For kids Comparison

When it comes to choosing the right water shoes for your little ones, there are so many brands to pick from and most of which are doing great out there in the market.

However, not all will be the perfect match for your little ones tender feet. It can therefore be a daunting task trying to figure out which brands to go for so that you end up getting what you and your little one deserves.

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best water shoes, aqua socks and sandals alike. Let us take you through an informative journey.

Shoe Price
1. Stride Rite
2. Kid’s Slip-On Quick Dry Water Shoes by ALEADER
3.Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes (Toddler)
4.OshKosh B’Gosh Aquatic Water Shoe
5.Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker
6.KEEN Newport H2 Sandal
7. Vivo barefoot Ultra K Eva Slip On
8.Unisex Baby Swim Shoes by Suiek
9.PediPed Flex
10. Kids Swim Barefoot Water Shoes by L-RUN

Types of water shoes for Kids and Toddlers:

Water shoes come in an assortment of designs and functionality too. Below, we have covered the most common designs. See for yourself.

Water sandals

Featuring a similar design to that of the water shoe, this pair is designed to keep the feet cool during the hot summer. Water sandals allow the sand to enter to enter the shoe while offering less protection to the toes. Despite all this, they are construction from water-friendly material which is breathable and hence will hold up pretty well in the water. So now you can rest assured that they will keep your bucks feet healthy and in good shape.

Wet shoes/Aqua socks

This design features a skin tight design and is made from neoprene. This water-friendly foot covering offers slip resistance while at the same time keeping the feet warm and sieving out sand from entering inside the shoes so as to prevent the friction between the show and your little ones skin. This design also features a very thin sole making it less effective when it comes to offering the feet substantial protection from dangerous elements on the floor of the waterbody. They are basically used by on-the-water fanatics like the kayakers and jet-skiers what a view. So be ware before settling for this pair if you are looking for maximum protection of the feet.

Typical Water shoes:

This pair takes after a typical shoe only that they are constructed from a plastic material, mesh and or any other material that dries up pretty fast while at the same time allowing the feet to breathe.  For maximum protection against sharp objects or any other harmful objects in the water, this pair features a very thick sole with a reinforced toe made from rubber or thick plastic. Reinforced toe does well to keep your little one from stabbing their precious tiny toes from sharp objects and at the same time keeping the sand out.

10 Best Water Shoes Kids and toddlers 

1. Stride Rite

Since 1919, stride rite has been striving to stay ahead of the kids by innovating products that up to the task especially when it comes to your kids. This company understands kids pretty especially when it comes to their affinity for mud and their insatiable desire for dressing. Their products not only come to you in a stylish finish but also very functional and up to the task. Their ‘Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal Water Shoe’ can attest to this very fact. In fact have a look at some of the specs.

This Made to play Phibian sneaker is a cross between a water shoe and a sandal. This means that your little one can use it regardless the function. How cool is that? What’s even more interesting, it is made from an EVA upper and a synthetic rubber sole making it not only very flexible very safe for your little ones tender feet and safe too.

What We Like

  • Synthetic rubber sole making very safe and also flexible
  • Compatible with washing machines
  • Features  rubber pods for non-slip  grip
  • 100% Vegan
  • EVA upper
  • Comes with a secure hook and loop

What We Don’t  Like

  • For kids who go hard on shoes especially young boys, the Phibian shoe will hardly hold up.


This Phibian sneaker comes in a range of colors as well as a stylish design, one that will perhaps satisfy your kid’s interest. Despite its durability issues when used regularly rough surfaces, its dual purpose functionality will surely give you great service and value for your money.

2. Kid’s Slip-On Quick Dry Water Shoes by Aleader

If you are looking for a quick dry shoe that will go where other athletic shoes will dare not go, then Kid’s Slip-On quick dry water shoes will do well for your kids. This shoe features a hydrophobic engineered mesh making it light weight and also enhancing the breathability of the feet. Now you can be sure that your kid’s feet will remain healthy even when treading in the muddiest of areas.

For a more stay-put performance, Aleader has incorporated a lateral support system which locks down the foot for enhanced performance. Waterlogged shoes can weigh you down, especially your young ones. For this reason, Aleader slip on features a new fluid flow technology which allows water to drain through the outsole hence quick dry and guaranteed comfort.

What We Like

  • Features a synthetic sole for flexibility
  • Features an air mesh upper enhancing breathability of the foot
  • Comfort guaranteed with incorporation of comfy material sole
  • Rubber pods increase traction in wet and slippery areas
  • Elastic strap closure for easy on and off
  • Open mesh upper and perforated sole for breathability and quick dry
  • Incorporation of fluid flow technology for excellent drainage

What We Don’t Like

  • Loose and also easy to wear off with frequent use
  • Verdict

    Though this shoe tends to loosen and wear off fast with over use, when well taken care off, it’s adds up as a good investment that will surely service your kids well. The exception design combined with quality material makes this shoe stand out amongst other shoes in the market and more so a perfect match for your kids tender and sensitive feet.

    3. SurfwalkerPro 2.0 Water Shoes (Toddler)


    Speedo an international manufacturer of swimwear and other swim related accessories was founded in Sydney Australia in the year 1914 by a Scottish emigrant Alexander MacRae.  

    However, the Speedo brand is manufactured and also Marketed in North America while the company is primarily based in Nottingham, England. Today, the speedo brand has diversified to include products such as wristwatches, goggles, electronics and other many products.

    If your kids love spending their precious time playing with water, or perhaps fishing then you should forget the flip-flops or the athletic shoes that you adore so much yet take ages to dry.

    You need to pick up a pair of Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes and say goodbye to long hours of waiting for them to dry. This pair features a four way stretch comfortable upper which is not only very durable but also dries very quickly. The adjusting strap closure makes it easy to put on and remove the pair.

    Your little ones feet are very tender and precious, and so to keep them well protected from both hot ground and also sharp objects, the S-TRAC thermoplastic rubber outsole offers water management and also fluid dispersion.

    What We Like

    • Features textile upper with synthetic sole
    • S-TRAC thermoplastic rubber outsole for Fluid dispersion
    • Durable four way stretch upper  for easy on and off
    • Features an air mesh insert which enhances drying

    What We Don’t Like

    • These shoes run a bit large, however they are very comfortable and also very durable


    Nothing that beats a good design coupled up with a variety of colors to choose from when it comes to water shoes. Despite them running a bit large in some circumstances, this pair will give great value for your money given that it dries quickly, offers maximum protection and comfort upon your little ones tender feet. its super lightweight feature is also value added to your child enhancing them to go about their fun activities without getting tired and fatigued very fast.

    4. OshKosh B’Gosh Kids’ Aquatic Girl’s and Boy’s Water Shoe

    OshKosh B’Gosh was founded back in the year 1895 in Oshkosh Wisconsin. It popularly known for its children apparel products through it was originally a subsidiary of Carters. Originally, the company mainly focused on children’s clothing especially the bibbed overalls which were intended for parents to dress their kids like their fathers.

    Years later, the company sales skyrocketed after miles Kimball feature the product on its catalog back in 1960. Today, the company has diversified its products to include products for toddlers, babies, infants and older kids including pants, shirts, jeans’ sweaters, t-shirts and so many others.

    Toddlers and tender babies have very soft and sensitive feet which can be bruised by miniature particles that may seem harmless to a grownup. Oshkosh and B’Gosh know this too well and that’s why they bring you the most comfortable, flexible and yet light weight Aquatic Girl’s and Boy’s Water Shoe for you little ones. The soft material used on this pair of water shoes hugs your little feet keeping them well covered and protected all through.

    What’s even more interesting is that they are gender sensitive free, meaning they can be worn by either gender. These pair comes in a range of colors giving you and your little one luxury of choice. The synthetic sole makes them flexible enough for toddlers still learning to support themselves even as they learn to walk.

    What we like

    • Synthetic sole
    • Compatible with washing machines
    • Very soft and flexible materials provide comfort for the toddler
    • Breathable cutouts which quicken the drying period of the water shoes
    • Can be worn by both girls and boys

    What we don’t like

  • The material rubber used in making the sole makes one sweat
  • Verdict

    Nothing beats the comfort of having to be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a product. OshKosh B’Gosh Kids’ Aquatic Girl’s and Boy’s Water Shoes come in a variety of colors and designs suitable for either gender giving you and your little ones room for choice.

    The product is made of friendly material, man-made material both soft and also very flexible making sure that your child’s safety is guaranteed. Although the synthetic sole may cause your little ones feet to sweat a little while, this is manageable since the water shoes will mainly be used in water as well as around pools of water.


    5. Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

    Native Jefferson, a footwear company was founded in the year 2009 in Vancouver BC. Breaking boundaries in the footwear industries, this company since time memorial has strived to make every day as simple and enjoyable as you can imagine through their innovative and well-designed footwear products. The company continues to boast originality and super-lite while their products spread widely across the globe.

    Looking for the perfect water shoes for your adorable ones has just got a whole lot easier with Native Jefferson Kids slip on water shoes. This pair by Native captures an infinite look, -timeless yet so novel. They are easy to look at and easy to wear especially when you are dealing with kids who are learning to become independent themselves.

    Is that all to it? well, you get more value for your money because they are also super light in weight, vegan friendly and also fit for any environment and all water events. To sum it all, they are basically waterproof shoes which will dry very fast ago easy on them tender feet.

    What we like

    • Features breathable perforations
    • Features an odor free material upper
    • The EVA footbed easily molds to suit your kids tender feet
    • Vegan approved
    • Waterproof and also washable by hand

    What We Don’t Like

    • Material used in the product attracts dirt very fast and also rubs against the skin causing burn


    The product comes in a variety of colors and designs giving you and your little one room for choice. Although the material used in the product may attract dirt very fast and rub against the skin causing burns and /or blisters, getting the right size of the product with sufficient toe room will help avoid such instances while at the same time giving you value for your money.


    6. Keen Newport H2 Sandal

    Established in 2003, Keen Footwear brand is an American company based in Oregon’s Portland city. The company was founded by Martin Keen and also deals with a wide array of products including footwear and accessories. Through the years, Keen Footwear and products have gain both popularity as well as a great reputation worldwide.

    Since its Inception, This commanding footwear company has experienced steady growth up to its current position in the world. In the year 2003, it was named “Launch of the year”. With time, Keen has diversified its style of products to include cold weather, casual footwear as well as clothing, bags and also socks.

    Keen takes it that, outdoors is every other place but one with a ceiling, and that’s why they have designed this pair with all outdoor activities in mind. The SEACAMP II black/blue sandal has been made to serve your little one across all activities that include both water and land activities.

    Regardless whether it’s the hiking on the motions or trailing along the brooks or better yet collecting small seashells along the seashores, this pair will suite very activity. Name it. This pair provides the much needed comfort and protection for your kid’s feet hence allowing them to enjoy their activities worry free.

    What we like

    • Simple hook-and-loop strap and bungee lace system for secured grip
    • Compatible with washing machines
    • Material components are chemical free
    • The sole is made from non-marking rubber
    • Upper made from synthetic polyester which dries quickly
    • Features a rubber sole bumper to keep toes safe
    • Features a Hydrophobic mesh lining

    What we don’t like

  • Featured ankle strap hampers with ease of on-and-off for the little ones
  • Verdict:

    If you’re little one goes hard on shoes, then this is the best option for you. Coming in an array of colors, this durable sandal is unbeatable. Featuring very protective yet chemical free material components, SEACAMP II black/blue sandal Keen sandal forms a good partner for your little one’s tender feet, giving them an opportunity to enjoy their favorite water activities worry-free.

    Regardless of the ankle strap which may making hard for your little one to put the sandals on and off, with little aid, this will an investment worth your time and money.

    7. ASICS Women’s Gel-Game Point Tennis Shoe

    Suiek is an international brand with a wide array of products ranging from swimming accessories like swimsuits, water shoes to clothing, wallets and so forth. The company’s quality assurance as well functionality of their products has earned it great reputation amongst the customers internationally ranking it as one the top most completive brands globally. Their products are recognized across the globe as well. One of their most popular products used in most of the homesteads includes the Unisex Baby Swim Shoes.

    As parents, it can become technical finding the right products for the little ones, especially where safety and comfort is concerned. When dealing with infants and especially those taking their first baby steps, their feet tend to be very sensitive and also very tender.

    Getting them used to different varieties of footwear becomes a challenge. This pair can be used as both a pool side/ water shoes as well as an everyday shoe for new walkers. This pair is made from a Neoprene material which helps keep the baby’s feet warm in water.

    They prevent small pebbles and stones from hurting your little ones feet while at the same time come in a very convenient weight of about 0.07lb making them burden-free for your baby’s feet. This also makes them retrievable from water as they float easily due to their buoyancy.

    What we like

    • Made from 100% waterproof neoprene material
    • Very comfortable, soft and also lightweight
    • Themed to attract your baby’s attention
    • Dry up very easily
    • Keep baby’s feet warm in water preventing them from catching a cold
    • Dual purpose, meaning they can be worn everyday by new walkers

    What we don’t like

    • The material used is very functional for the intended purpose, however, it wears out within a short period of time


    Kid’s products are very sensitive. Reason being, there are very many factors that come to play before one decides what is best for them. When it comes to Baby Boys Girls Water Shoes Infant Swim Aqua Shoes for Pool Beach Sand, you can be sure that you have almost every factor covered.

    Not only is this pair functional for your little one by the virtue of being both waterproof and also comfortable and soft to touch, this pair comes in a range of colors and themes for your baby to choose. The shoes keep your baby warm in water and despite them wearing out within a short period of time, they give both you and your little great service.


    8. L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Socks Shoes for Beach Pool Surfing Yoga

    Using the latest yet very innovative technology, L-Run specializes in a wide array of both water shoes and also fitness shoes. Their products have been able to grab their share in the flooded footwear industry and market globally, getting ahead of the competition. This company boasts of having developed a wide array of fashions topping up to more than 20 as well as footwear for bare feet.

    L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes has been modelled using anti-skid yet lightweight rubber outsole for grip along wet surfaces for extra protection and safety. The upper material – which dries rapidly – features vamps fabric well themed to suit your little ones’ interests.

    These water shoes suit all kind of water sports as well as other sporty activities like running, jogging and fitness activities. Should you be in the quest for the perfect barefoot skin water shoes which you and your kids can use widely, then you are in the right place!

    What we like

    • Features back support hence preventing the shoes from deforming
    • Features arch support
    • Very flexible yet very sturdy
    • Features shock absorption performance
    • Upper mesh made of polyester
    • High stretch material upper
    • Comfortable fit
    • Quick to dry and also water proof preventing the water from running into the shoes
    • Rubber sole made with anti-slip feature

    What we don’t like

    • A great pair, but wears out when used very regularly


    As parents our best interests are centered on the little ones, and therefore, every decision we make when it comes to choosing the right products for them is very crucial. That’s why L-RUN Kids Swim Water Shoes are made in a variety of colors, themes, as well as very eye-catching designs.  

    They are also made using friendly materials hence giving an easy time when stuck in a dilemma. As much as they may wear out quickly when gone too hard on, they are the perfect pair for your little ones, especially those who are learning to walk and support themselves.


    9. Vivo Barefoot Ultra K Eva Slip On

    Vivo, an internationally recognized footwear company boasts of a wide array of footwear products ranging from water shoes to everyday wear. The company uses a technology whereby the soles of the shoes are made as thin as possible all in a bid to increase and enhance sensory feedback.

    This technology forms part of their unique selling point (ISP) setting it apart from other competitors in the industry. Vivo believes that by focusing on giving you less through omitting essentials like thick soles and also support they can be able to achieve the highest quality products and also customer satisfaction.

    Kids won’t resist water? Vivo has a solution for you! The Vivo barefoot Ultra K Eva Slip On. Kids love water, even when it’s just wading and collecting small shells and other collectibles. We also understand that even when it’s very fun for them, you may want to steer clear of the things that pause as a threat to your little ones tender feet. That’s why we recommend this barefoot ultra slip-on.

    Vivo slip-on is made from water resistant materials which are also very lightweight. This makes them very efficient hence allowing your little bucks to indulge in as much fun as they want while keeping you worry-free of what could harm them.

    What we like

    • Made from synthetic materials which dry up very quickly
    • Lightweight material
    • Very durable material
    • Comfortable and comfort fit
    • Features sufficient toe room
    • Very flexible

    What we don’t like

    • Durable material might go hard on your little ones skin when used in very vigorous activities that involve tremendous foot movements.


    Whether your child loves purple, green or even pink, whichever the color, Vivo has broken bounds in trying to blend between fashion, pleasure and function in this water shoes.

    Made with water resistant synthetic material, Vivo barefoot Ultra K Eva Slip On, feature the perfect fit as well as comfort guaranteeing your little ones endless protection from probable danger causatives in water as well as wild fun. However irrespective of the material going hard on your little ones tender skin, this shoe lasts for considerable amount of time giving you and your little one maximum service.


    10. ​PediPed Kids’ Minnie Water Shoe

    PediPed footwear is one of the footwear manufacturing companies whose products are pediatrician approved. The company has since establishment been driven by the need to combine both comfort and also fashion into footwear products that serve the customer well giving them value and worth.

    PediPed Kids’ Minnie Water Shoe, is the immediate next thing to bear feet. The shoe is made in such a way as to enable your little one to feel the ground beneath them even as they go about their daily activities. This quality feature makes them the best choice for mothers whose babies’ are learning to walk and play in water.

    The shoe features a very flexible sole which allows for free movement of the feet without strain. The upper features a breathable mesh and glittering striped overlays which are sewn in place with the mesh giving the shoe an exquisite finish. The strap does well to hold the foot in place while also giving the shoe a comfort fit. To sum it all, the shoe features a toe cap which goes an extra mile to protect your little ones toes while wading in the river.

    What we like

    • Made of synthetic sole which is flexible and also very safe
    • Safe for kids in water
    • Features a toe cap which protects the toes from rocks and sharp objects
    • Features a strap to keep the feet

    What we don’t like

    • Material component used in this water shoes are durable and very tough on water, however, they may run quite hard on the skin when left to over dry in direct sunlight


    Variety is good, and PediPed knows this so well as to include a variety of color choices in this product for you and your little one. The technology used in making this shoe makes it a must have for every home.

    Despite the fact that this brand faces stiff competition from the peer brands, it has consistently outdone many brands fin bringing you the best, high quality and very durable product in which you and your family can enjoy. Even though this shoe runs short when it comes to comfort when over dried, you can have faith in good service from this well done water shoe.

    Benefits of water shoes for Kids and Toddlers

    1. Safety

    Water shoes like mentioned above are made primarily to protect your feet from objects that lark around in puddles and other water bodies. These shoes provide a barrier between your young ones feet and any imminent danger or hazard that maybe larking in or around the water while your little one, enjoys the spa of the moment.

    2. Rubber bottoms

    Water shoes are typically made with rubber bottoms making them very safe to wear around wet and slippery areas which pose a great threat to your child’s safety like around the pool deck or changing rooms. With this shoes, you can no longer have to worry about your child slipping while walking on the deck and also around the local pool

    3. Comfort

    Water shoes are made with comfort in mind.  If you’ve been to the lake and landed your tender feet on the seaweed then you would agree that it is strange a bit. Even though this seaweed poses no threat or harm to your child, the minute they land their feet on them, then be sure they will hesitate to step into that water again. These water shoes come in handy in such scenarios, not only for your child’s safety, but also for comfort.

    4. Germs and parasites

    Germs and other small parasites are inevitable. They lark around everywhere especially in heated pools splash pads and hot tabs. This water shoes come in handy in preventing your little buck’s tender feet from coming into contact with this germs risking getting skin infections and other illnesses associated with such germs and parasites.

    5. Summer heat

    During summer, it can really get hot. It is during those hot days that the beach also gets a little unbearable for your little ones especially during the afternoon when the sun is blazing hot making the sand and the pebbles heated up. If your little ones are used to closed shoes all year through, then during this season their feet may get a little over sensitive even to little amounts of heat on the ground. Water shoes go a long way in keeping this tender feet well protected.

    Choosing the Best Water Shoes for Kids: Buying Guide!

    Buying a pair of water shoes may seem pretty much like getting a pair of sneakers from the store, but it is much more complicated than that. Here are several factors to consider while choosing the right water shoe for your little ones.


    Where these water shoes will be used primarily determines the type that will best suit your child. Remember this water shoes come in a three different types. Namely water sandals, aqua socks and also water shoes. Should you be hanging out by the lake, then sandals will probably suit them best. Should you be cherishing the hot weather by the California beach during summer, then aqua socks will form the perfect match and finally go for the water shoes if you plan to spend your holiday wading in the rivers.

    Material composition

    Most water shoes will come in either plastic or synthetic mesh. Both of this go pretty well with water as they dry up quickly and are non-liquid absorbents. However, beware of plastic rubbing against your little one’s skin though it poses little to no danger. Be also advised against going for those made from leather as they will barely hold up in water.

    Sole thickness

    Some kids will practically wear this water shoes day in day out. This calls for water shoes with very thick soles because of frequent use. Again, the terrain and state of the locale where these water shoes will be used will determine the kind of soles you will settle on. If the terrain is comprised of sharp rocks and also uneven, then the situation demands water shoes with very thick soles for purposes of protecting your little ones feet.

    However, in the event that you are dealing with toddler just getting the hang of things, then it would again be advisable to settle for a less bulky and clunky pair for purposes of maintaining their balance.

    Final Words

    Now that you are fully equipped with the right information, it’s time for you to get your little cuties the perfect water shoes and let them indulge in the fun. We hope that this information is substantial enough for you, but should you not be quite satisfied with the results listed above, there are tons and tons of other products and brands out there which also have good to do water shoes.

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