best insoles for shoes that are too big

With online shopping become a common phenomenon, there is a chance you will end up buying a shoe that’s half a size larger than what fits you. You definitely can’t toss the new kickers into the bin after forking out a hefty sum on them.  Selling them may not be on the cards too since they are ‘just’ an inch larger. So, how do you make that lovely relatively larger boot comfortable to wear?

In this guide, we review tricks you can employ to make feet fit into a relatively larger pair of footwear. We also review 5 best insoles for shoes that are too big.

Dangers of Wearing Shoes That Aren’t a Proper Fit

Potential falls

When the shoes are too big, your heels will keep sliding back and forth. Such movements are a recipe for a disastrous fall especially if you are walking through a steep or slippery surface. Other related dangers include possibility of twisting your ankles and even tiring even for short distances.

Painful of blisters

As your feet slides within the shoe, your ankles rub against the shoe’s fabric. With time, painful blisters develop on the affected areas. Besides the pain, the blisters will prevent you from donning your lovely boots for a while as you heal.


Metatarsalgia is a condition where your foot’s ball becomes inflamed because of wearing a loose shoe. The effects of metatarsalgia are more pronounced in individuals who take part in intense activities such as running and playing football.

Alters your natural gait

If the shoe you are wearing doesn’t match your foot’s symmetry, your walking gait is affected.  You won’t only strain when walking but you will also be at risk of suffering health effects such as back aches.

Fortunately, replacing the insoles could deliver the much needed support and cushioning of your feet. But it isn’t any insole that will save the situation. Here is an easy-to-follow clip on how an insole makes a large shoe to fit:

The market is flooded with substandard insoles that could hurt you more than your ill-fitting shoes. Besides, perusing through the tens of models in a bid to uncover the right insole can be a time a consuming undertaking. To save you the dirty work, below are five best insoles for big shoes.

Quick Overview of Best Insoles for Shoes that are too Big



Where to Buy

Superfeet Pain Relief Insoles

  • Carbon-fiber Reinforced Support
  • Diflex Therapeutic Foam
  • Heel Stabilizer
  • Antimicrobial Top Cover


Sof Sole High Arch

  • 40 Durometer Foam-Forefoot
  • 60 Durometer Foam-Heel
  • Anatomical Nylon Plate
  • Moisture Wicking Technology


Superfeet BLUE Insoles

  • Closed-cell Foam
  • Anti-bacterial Natural Coating
  • Rails Reinforced Stabilizer Cap
  • Structured Heel Cup Absorbs Impact


Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

  • Angled Heel Platform
  • Anti-microbial Top Fabric
  • Total Contact Support
  • EVA-foam Dual-layer Cushioning


Timberland PRO Replacement Insole

  • Anti-fatigue Technology
  • Anatomically-contoured Footbed
  • Inverted Cone Foam
  • Dynamic Arch design


Unbiased and Detailed Review of the Best Insoles for Shoes that are too Big

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Superfeet Pain Relief Insoles

Sof Sole High Arch.

Superfeet BLUE Insoles.

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx.

Timberland PRO Replacement Insole.

Best Insoles for Shoes That are too Big

1. Superfeet Pain Relief Insoles

The Superfeet Pain Relief Insoles are tailored to match the pronation of the user’s feet. The high volume design ensures that these orthotic inserts deliver maximum support and cushion as you walk or run.

Unlike ordinary shoe inserts, the Superfeet inserts have an added heel stabilizer piece that retains the insoles in close proximity to your feet thus protecting your heels from shock and impact as you walk. Most importantly, these orthotic inserts are constructed using professional grade materials which make guarantees reliable support for up to 12 months of use.  

Why use them on relatively big shoes:

These insoles have deep heels that cover up the free space inside the shoe. This eliminates heel slippage as you walk.


  • Anti-bacterial coating eliminates odor
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent arch and heel support
  • Deliver decent comfort


  • Toe support is wanting

2. Sof Sole High Arch Insoles

If you often wear running shoes, the Sof Sole High Arch are the perfect insoles to make your shoes more comfortable on your feet. The Durometer foam used on the heel area delivers arch support besides stabilizing the foot.

Pros Anatomical nylon plate for those with oddly shaped feet as it offers flexible support and minimizes shock on the feet.

Mesh top cover minimizes moisture build thus minimizing chances of growth of odor causing bacteria. While the insoles are pretty cushiony, they still leave sufficient room for your foot to wiggle and relax.

Why use them on relatively big shoes:

A high arch design keeps your heels in position regardless of extra room in the shoe. They are easy to fix into any shoe.


  • Stabilizes your feet
  • Sufficient arch support.
  • Long lasting
  • Anti-bacterial prevents foot odor


  • Do not provide sufficient cushioning on the balls of your feet

3. Superfeet BLUE Insoles

The Superfeet Blue insoles flaunt a versatile shape that provides an excellent support for a wide array of feet structures.  

The upper surfaces of the insoles are made of moisture resistant closed-cell foam to minimize shock on the feet as you walk. Further, the insoles have been treated with antimicrobial technology to protect the user from odor-causing bacteria.

An Encapsulating Stabilizer System makes the insole ideal for use by individuals who have low to medium arches. This makes them a perfect fit for use on athletics and hiking shoes.

Why they are ideal on relatively big shoes:

The Superfeet Blue insoles be cut into a size that custom fits your shoe.


  • They are durable thus deliver value for money
  • Antimicrobial treatment makes odor free regardless of duration of use
  • Can be used with a wide variant of shoe styles
  • Made from a synthetic material


  • They insoles are relatively hard on the feet when they are first used

4. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

If you have a high arch, the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxxs are the insoles to fit in your large shoes.

The insoles feature a combination of an angled heel and a firm shell platform that cushions you for every step that you take.

A dual layer cushioning absorbs most of the impact that would have reached your foot as you walk or run. Besides this, the top fabric has anti-microbial properties that minimize development of odor causing bacteria.

Wondering how to fix the powerstep Pinnacle Maxx in your shoe? Here is an explainer video that guides you step by step:


  • Form arch support
  • anti-microbial prevents foot odor
  • thick enough to seal the extra space left in your big shoe
  • dual layer cushioning to absorb pain causing impact


  • the insoles are too wide for some shoes.


 5. Timberland PRO Replacement Insole

If your daily routine involves trudging through hard surfaces such as asphalt pavements and concrete floors, then you need insoles that can sufficiently cushion and reduce fatigue. The inverted cone design used Timberland PRO Replacement Insoles offer dynamic arch support thus reducing strain on the cradle of your feet.  

The top cover of these insoles utilizes the anti-moisture OrthoLite technology that keeps your feet dry and odorless. The insoles mimic the fit and shape of your shoe thus delivering maximum comfort.  

Why they are ideal on relatively big shoes:

You can easily trim these insoles into a fitting size. They are thick thus occupy the free space your feet would have left on wearing a larger shoe.


  • They are  light in weight
  • Optimum comfort
  • Anti-bacterial properties thus prevents  foot odor
  • Flexible heel support


  • Overly thick thus may not fit some shoes

Final Verdict

Choosing the right insole for a big shoe can be a tasking affair. After all, there is no one-size-suits all your needs kind of insole. You’ll to ensure the insole you settle for will suit your feet’s pronation, offer sufficient cushioning, and also suit the shoe at hand.  

By narrowing on five models in here, we have made your work easier and also eliminated chances of selecting overly hyped yet poorly designed insole

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