Best Shoes and Sandals For Bunion

Bunions! Bunions! Those bony humps that form on your big toes always remind you of the irritating pain every time you wear shoes.

We get it. They are uncomfortable and unbearably distressing. Go for shoes that are a bit high or have unforgiving material, and inflammation and torture begins.

If this is you, don’t worry because there’s a way around it: wearing the best shoes for bunions!

That’s right! If you get the right shoes for bunions, your suffering will reduce, if not go away completely whenever you step out.

Now, we are here to help you learn one or two things about bunions, and of course, review some top bunion shoes in the market for both men and women so that you never have to suffer again.

Bunion Shoes quick comparison

We understand that it can indeed be a daunting task trying to compare the most comfortable shoes for bunion sufferers.

In a bid to be able to assist you as much as we can, we have compiled for you a quick comparison chart so that you can familiarize yourself with some of the great pairs of shoes available to you out there in the market.

Are you looking forward to getting a nice pair of bullion shoes? Well, we think it’s only fair that we touch on some of the best rated bunions shoes and some of the features that come along with them.

We have prepared a detailed review of the 10 great Bunion Shoes, highlighting what we like and don’t like about them in a bid to help you make the right choice.

You can trust our picks as we have spent a good amount of time browsing through dozens of options and narrowing them down to the best shoes and sandals for bunion- we have your best interests at heart!

Best Shoes For Bunions

1. Orthofeet 517 men’s comfort diabetic therapeutic shoe

The search for the right bunion shoe for the men stops here.

Orthofeet understands that it can be quite a challenge leading a mobile free or even pain free life while on the constant search for the right pair of supportive, well fitted bunion shoes going on forever.

Combining the latest technology in athletic footwear with therapeutic detailing, Orthofeet is a brand you can trust to being you the highest level comfort your feet deserves.

This Orthofeet 517 men Loafer shoes comes in an impeccable official design. The slip-on design enables easy access to the shoe.

And thanks to the Velcro strap closure, your shoe will fit your feet perfectly.

With maximum protection from pressure points, the 517 Men’s loafer features anatomical arch support and also a non-binding relaxing fit.

The design of the shoe incorporates a deep toe box which allows the foot to spread put and relax naturally for added comfort.

Its Gel orthotic-insole combined with the cushioning sole-soften-step enhances its stability and also expedites natural foot motion, making it one of the best walking shoes for bunions.


The Orthofeet 517 men’s shoes provide great comfort given its enhanced soft smooth fabric lining insert. Its impeccable design style makes it the perfect fit for most formal functions and blends in well with formal outfits.

The only downfall to this impeccable pair is its tendency to flop even with liner inserts. But if you can get an extra depth insert from your podiatrist, then we think you will continue enjoying this pair.

What We Like 

  • Comfortable enhanced by soft, smooth fabric lining that’s padded with foam
  • lightweight to facilitate foot motion while alleviating stress from foot joints
  • Very sturdy and stable due to its sole soften step feature. This makes the pair very easy to walk on
  • Very effective at reducing pain from the metatarsal and the arch pain
  • Durable thanks to the genuine leather material they are made from
  • Comes in a wide range of Sizes

       What We Don’t  Like

  • Honestly, the pair flops around a bit even with the supplied liners. However, the shoes are does it job to help you deal with the pain and facilitate movement.

​2. New Balance Men’s MW840 Health Walking Shoe

New Balance Shoe Company is dedicated towards helping athletes in achieving their goals by focusing on research and development. This company is driven by the motive to make the finest shoes across the globe to help athletes achieve their goals.

The New Balance Men’s MW840 boasts a soft and sturdy rubber outsole that makes it the best walking men bunion shoes.

The higher instep design helps keep your feet comfortable when walking, while the breathable perforations on the mesh tongue collar allow in fresh air, increasing ventilation that in turn reduces the pain from the bullion bulging sores.

The best part is that, this shoes have a narrow heel and a wider foot. This increases the toe box room adding on to the moving space for your feet’s metatarsal joints.


The New Balance Men’s MW840 comes with a handful of features that are valuable to people suffering from bunions. Right from the breathable perforations that increase ventilation to the wide toe box that increases room in for your toes to dance around, we think this is a perfect pair for you despite its rigidity.

What We Like

  • Made of leather upper making them more durable. Leather is the most used material in making shoes, yet the most durable if well maintained
  • Blown rubber outsole sole makes walking in this shoes a breeze
  • The narrower heel and wider forefoot increase room for your toes thus managing the bullion problem
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and two colors (what and black)
  • The breathable perforations increase ventilation thus plummeting pain on the bunions

What We Don’t Like

  • The shoes tend to be a bit firm in an effort to offer nice fitting, but this is a minor issue of which does not outweigh the primary function of alleviating the bullion problem.

​3. Dansko Women’s Liliana Loafer Flat

Dansko was started by two entrepreneurs who started selling clogs bought from Europe from the back of their station wagon.

After word about the comfort of their shoes travelled around, many people had to try them. And that’s how they decided to make the venture their lifetime commitment.

Just like their first clogs the Liliana Loafer just got lots of surprises for the ladies who love comfort. This A-line slip-on shoe comes to you with a concealed goring that gives you the perfect fit.

If you love style and are careful about the type of shoes you wear, then Liliana Loafer flat is the shoe for you. The hidden wrapped wedge heel gives you a stylish and comfortable lift making these loafers the best flats for bunions.


If you have a sense of style and love stylish shoes, then of course Dansko Women’s Liliana Loafer Flat, is the shoe for you. We think you would love this pair due to its promise for quality yet comfortable feel with its leather linings.

Made to accommodate most custom and standard orthotics you can never go wrong with this pair even with its minor flaw of tending to enlarge after purchase. Should you take great precaution when selecting your pair, then we think you will have a seamless transition.

What We Like

  • Made of rubber which enhance foot movements while walking.
  • The shoes come with leather soft textile linings that help keep your feet comfortable all day long.
  • Made to accommodate  most custom and standard  orthotics
  • Made from leather, a long lasting material that enhances the durability of the shoes.
  • Have a contoured footbed and memory foam cushion for utmost comfort

What We don’t Like

  • The Liliana loafer flats for women may at times seem larger when delivered, especially if special care is not taken while selecting the ones that fit well. So make sure you confirm your size before you hit that order button

4. Vionic Women’s Chill Larrun Loafer

The Vionic Women’s Chill Larrun Loafer is a perfect example of a great pair you can get today if you are suffering from bunions. It is an everyday solution for people suffering from bunions.

Made from printed leather or calf hair with moc stitches, these fashionable loafers come in an easy slip-on style making it easy to be able to wear.

Their soft and breathable linings allow for ventilation of the interiors, keeping your feet dry. For added comfort, this slip-on loafer comes with removable microfiber-lined, EVA cushioned footbed.

What’s more, they are light in weight thus preventing your feet from getting tired very quickly.

What we like

  • Their flexible rubber outsole helps ease movements as they facilitate joint movements on the feet
  • Particularly lightweight, making them easy on your foot
  • They are very stylish with a casual, slip-on style
  • The removable, cushioned footbed makes it easy to clean them while at the same time providing maximum comfort

What we don’t like

  • The Vionic Women’s Chill Larrun Loafer tend to wear out quicker than other models. But considering the comfort they offer, you can get several pairs to alternate with every day and you will love the good service.


No doubt, this pair will bring great comfort thanks to the light weight material and also stylish slip-on style. You can walk on this pair all day long and still end up feeling fresh and vibrant as if you just woke up.

Even with their tendency to wear out fast, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this great pair to our lady friends who suffer from bunions.

5. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Make your daily ventures and adventures count with Brook’s Men’s’ Addiction Walkers. These shoes are designed to offer the much-needed control to your over pronation and also low arches.

The stylish leather or velvet uppers give them a sense of style while also serving you longer.  The shoes come in handy while walking due to their midsole cushioning enhanced by the hydro-flow technology.

The shock absorption feature of the Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes is backed by the placement of dynamic gooey fluids both at the front and the heel, providing you with protective care all day long.

Not only does this feature make them very suitable for walking, it also makes them the best sneakers for bunions.

What we like

  • Have a slip resistant outsole which prevents you from slipping on wet surfaces and injuring yourself
  • Made from a supple full grain leather upper which makes them durable hence serving you longer and effectively
  • Their shock absorber help prevent pain should you hit your foot against objects
  • Have an additional, energy returning midsole cushion that keeps you comfortable all day long

What we don’t like

  • The soles wear out at a faster, but only when you wear this pear a lot. If you are looking to use it severally, it will fair just fine


Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes may cost a bit much, but no doubt this men’s addiction walker are very effective when it comes to giving you comfort and sustaining your energy with the energy returning midsole cushion.

Coming in a black stylish color, this men shoe cannot go wrong even with its tendency to wear out quite fast.

6. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

Love hanging around the park, perhaps trailing to get those muscles in chape? Even with Bunions, adventures are now possible with Keen whisper.

This classic water shoe is designed to give your toes the protection of a closed shoe while simultaneously retaining the basics- the airiness of sandals.

How cool is that?  For excellent traction, the sole has been designed with a razor-sip design style.

What we like

  • Their razor-sipped sole provides excellent traction even in adverse weather conditions enabling you to go do adventurous activities
  • Their washable polyester webbing upper makes them very easy to clean
  • Designed with laces that help tighten them or loosen them to your comfort
  • Toe protection with the enclosed front prevent bullion injuries during outdoor activities
  • Available in a variety of sizes and color combinations
  • Provides ample ventilation due to their open style

What we don’t like

  • Given their polyester webbing together with the thick outsole, this shoes come little heavier than the rest. However, that does not keep them from performing their function well: keeping your bullion feet protected all throughout your hiking experience.


Coming in an array of colors, Keen Whisper makes hiking and trailing a walk in the park even when suffering from the painful bullions. You can go hiking, trailing and even walking in water in them without having to worry about tear and wear.

They are made specifically with an enclosed front to protect the toes, and come with with a wide toe box for maximum toe movement. 

If this is not right fit for you, you can also consider bunion correcting sandals or sandals for bunion. Some of top picks for the best bunion correcting sandals include Bunion Sandals for Women Comfy. You can also consider Alayna Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief Sleeve

7. Propet Men’s Vista Strap Shoe

Propet has built a reputation as footwear maker since the 1985. This brand uses top notch materials, construction and technologies to bring you both women and men styles with a range of sizes that ensure a perfect fit and range.

The Propet Men’s Vista strap Shoe is medically approved for reimbursement under the Therapeutic Shoe Bill. These shoes come in a range of sizes and widths for the perfect fit. 

Their soles are steady, firm, and flexible and in place giving you great support while walking while at the same keeping you comfortable. The shoes feature a removable footbed which accommodates custom Orthotics.

This pair also comes with a double hook and lop closure making it absolutely easy to wear and pull them off.

What we like

  • Synthetic sole
  • Have ample to box space to keep your toes well protected hence easing pain from Bunions
  • Adheres to Medicare/HCPCS code A55OO diabetic shoe
  • Steady and strong flexible heel to enhance movements
  • Can support multi layered inserts

What we don’t like

  • They have a less comforting squish than some other shoes, but they offer great support


With a sleek black and official design, the Propet Men’s Vista Strap Shoes are a great complement to formal styles while at the same time providing the desired comfort.

With ample room for your feet to dance in, our take on this marvel is a positive one. With a primary purpose of beating those bullions, we think this pair will provide you with the much needed comfort.

8. Alegria Women’s Seville Professional Shoe

There’s everything to love about these Alegria Seville Professional Print shoes. For starters, they are made by a top brand, a company that has been in the shoe industry for long enough to understand what consumers want.

Secondly, these clogs feature an unbelievable comfort thanks to the interlocking footbed system which also happens to be removable. Made from latex, memory and foam, these shoes also provide ample arch support for your feet.

When it comes to the design, you will love the prints. They actually give the shoes a sense of style with a touch of aesthetic finish. The slip resistant outsole, on the other hand, provides you with maximum safety and security.

And to keep your feet even more secure, the forefoot strap swivels backward creating a sling back strap. The pair is also adjustable enhancing your fit regardless which way you wear the clogs.

What we like

  • Made from leather which is durable
  • Have a synthetic sole
  • Have a removable footbed, memory foam and also latex making them easy to clean.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Have a wide footbed and toe box which enhances comfort and at the same time keep your toes secure

What we don’t like

  • They are best for minimized movements, otherwise ifyou walk a lot you might find them a little bit heavy.


Coming in a wide array of colors and style, these are the perfect slip on shoes for ladies. Slip them on and brag a little with their stylish look even as you feel the deep comfort and fresh air gushing onto your feet. No doubt this is a perfect pair for a picnic or even hanging with your friends.

9. Mephisto Women’s Odalys Mary Jane Flat

Whether you are looking for the perfect shoe to match you attire or are just a fanatic of style and fashion, Mephisto Women’s Odalys Mary Jane Flat Shoes are the most appropriate shoes for people with flat feet or bunions.

Coming in an appealing look, these flats have a hook and loop strap closure with a covered button.

Perhaps the most fascinating feature about them is the insole which happens to be detachable with a soft air technology which decreases impact from walking. This greatly reduces the stress on joints and other parts of the body like hips and lower back, making them perfect pumps for bunions.

What we like

  • Made from leather which of course is very durable meaning longer service from the shoe
  • The outer sole is made from 100% natural rubber protecting your slipping and falling
  • Soft air footbed that decrease impact from walking keeping your feet tender and comfortable
  • Comes with a leather lining which keeps your feeling comfortable all through

What we don’t like

  • If you happento have a very wide foot, you may want toget a slightly larger size as you may experience some discomfort in the toe box.


Sleek and stylish, this Mephisto Women’s Odalys Mary Jane Flats makes the best choice for any occasion. Whether shopping, dining, office…. name it. This shoe will get you feeling comfortable all through. Its leather material makes it durable and we honestly think it’s the perfect pair for you.

10. Drew Shoe Men’s Rockford Boot

If you are looking for the perfect work and everyday boot then Drew Shoe Men’s Rockford Boots are for you. These popular orthotic boots are made by a brand that understands the needs of consumers, especially those that want extremely comfortable footwear.

The boots can accommodate even the most extreme cases of foot problems. They are truly unique comfort boots with water proof leather uppers and linings which keep the foot dry and comfortable.

They also come with a slip-resistant design which keeps you from slipping on wet surfaces. The search the best work boots for bunions has just got a bit simpler with this pair.

What we like

  • Non-slip design which prevents you from slipping on wet surfaces
  • Comes with an approximately 1 inch heel height comfortable enough
  • Come with waterproof linings that keep the feet dry and comfortable
  • Can accommodate most severe foot problems like arthritis and diabetes
  • Available in a variety of sizes and 6 colors
  • Ample space in the toe box for comfort and unrestricted joint movements

What we don’t like

  • Due to the material used and lack of proper ventilation,you may experience sweating especially ifthe temperatures are high. But hey, with the right socks, you’ll be good to go.


Despite its lack of proper ventilation, this boot proves to be the perfect work boot or even everyday boot which can accommodate all types of foot problems.

If you have bunions and are looking for the perfect boots, then we would fail if we didn’t recommend the Drew Shoe Men’s Rockford Boot and KEEN bunion sandals. Be guaranteed that all these are good shoes for bunion

What Are Bunions?

First things first! What are bunions? 

Well, simply put, a bunion is often a painful bony hump that forms at the base of your big toe.

Referred to as Hallux Valgus by the medicine experts, this excruciating foot problem will occur natural in many people.

How, you ask?  This happens when the big toe leans towards the rest of the toes.

With time, you may discover that the base of the toe starts to bulge outwards against the bone just behind it – the metatarsal bone.

The humps normally hurt a lot especially while walking because they form at the joint where the toe bends.

Now, because the bunions bulge outside, when the shoe come into contact with it, calluses are most likely going to occur due to friction between the shoe and the hump.

Symptoms of Bunions

Let’s take a practical approach.

Have a look at your feet where you big toe joins the rest of the foot. What do you see?

If you notice a small bump bulging out of the skin, and your toe seems to be heading in the wrong, opposite direction, then you probably have a bunion.

Here are the characteristics of bunions:

  • You get restricted movement
  • Red, hard callused on the skin
  • Sometimes the big toe tends to overlap the second one
  • Difficulty every time you try to fit your shoes. Both the size and the shape of your foot tends to change
  • Uncomfortable when walking or running with shoes on
  • Pain sensation every time you walk

Causes of Bunions

The causes of bunions have always been an open topic. For starters, bunions can occur at any point and to anyone regardless of age or gender.

However, research has shown that, Bunions are most like to occur more in women than men.

Well how true is this? Women tend wear tighter shoes than men, especially the heels which push the feet bones into an unnatural shape thus resulting to the bunions.

Most physicians also agree that bunions are caused by genes running through the family.

So if you know several relatives or close family members who suffer from this teething issue, you might as well be alert lest it finds you unaware. 

Poor foot structure or even weak bones in our feet are also known to be the major cause of this problem, and bad shoe choices don’t make the situation any better.

Here are more causes that have, in one way or another, been associated with bunions:

  • Conditions related to arthritis as well as ligament disorders
  • Effect of nerve conditions on the feet
  • Flat feet that tend to roll inward
  • Wearing narrow footwear and high heels with poor fit
  • Injury or trauma to your feet

Preventative Measures

Now that you have a full dose of what Bunions are, their symptoms and the causative factors, right? Good.

Now we will equip you with some knowledge on how to prevent Bunions. Luckily for you, the prevention process for bunions is as easy as a, b, c, and d.

Yup, read along…

One of the major ways of preventing bunions is keeping track of the shape of your toes and feet, especially if you suspect that bunions run through the family.

Again, exercising your feet to keep them strong from a tender age will help prevent Bunions.

As we noted earlier on, tight shoes will in many ways bring about this problem. Ladies! This one is for you. If you want to keep your feet healthy, and free from Hallux Valgus, then it’s time to trash out those really tight high heels or pointed shoes.

We are not saying you avoid them completely, no. Just ensure that they fit well and are comfortable. Alright?…Perfect!

Deformity Grading

To better understand Bunions, the condition is categorized into three different stages depending on its relentlessness or development.

This is according to a research done by the British Society for Rheumatology.

Here’s how it’s graded:

Mild: This is the first stage of Bunion development where the toe deflects at an angle of about 20 degrees.The bump starts to form in this stage and can go unnoticed because the symptoms are hardly recognizable.

Moderate: During this phase, the sign and symptoms begin to become recognizable. The toe at this point progresses to about 20 – 30 degrees and some pain becomes imminent around the bump.

 It is also at this stage that you experience shoe problems where the shoes feel taut.

Severe: This stage consists of two phases: 3rd and 4th phase respectively. During the 3rd phase, the toe progresses to 30-50 degrees in angle and constant pain is felt.

The symptoms are vivid and it is at this point that your feet demand roomy shoes to ease the pain and discomfort.

The 4th degree is the most sever of all the four stages. It is at this stage that you experience excruciating pain even as the toe hits over 50 degrees.

Any light activity prompts painful reaction from the toe hindering you from gong about your daily chores in peace.

Benefits Of Wearing Shoes for Bunions:

There are very many ways of treating bunions which vary depending on the level and progression of the problem.

One of the most common and corrective measures is surgery. This may however not be an option for many and therefore it becomes imperative to seek the advice of a podiatrist. 

One the measures that is most common, manageable and yet very effective is wearing good shoes for bunion sufferers. Other accessories like orthotic devices and shoe inserts might be recommended too depending on the level of the deformity.

Here are some reasons why you should consider the right shoes if you have this condition:

1. Comfort

Good shoes for bunion are purposely made to give you comfort through additional accessories like the cushioning and ventilation. They are precisely made to help you manage your problem and at the same time enable you to continue with your daily activities without interference.

2. Curtail pain

Pain is caused when pressure is applied on the toes and also on the soft tender bunion lump. This pain can prevent you from achieving your daily goals and that’s why bunion shoes like sneakers with inserts and ample toe box are tailored to reduce this very problem.

Your podiatrist should confirm for you this very fact and even other people who have used the product before.

3. Arch support

Good news! Most of the bunion shoes come with orthotic insoles incorporated in them. The insoles are particularly made with anatomical arch support to help you position your feet appropriately.

This greatly helps in correcting the angular misalignment of your toe and thus prevents the bunion deformation. Remember, if you are a fun soccer and still suffer from bunions, get the best indoor soccer shoes with high arch support and you will do well on the pitch!

4. Feather-lightweight

Weighty shoes can be a great impediment to motion, especially when considering people with Bunions.

Therefore, through intensive research, companies are now designing shoes which are not only light in weight, but also with  ergonomic strife a feature that helps to soften steps assuaging strain applied on joints.

5. Trendy

If you ask most people, they will tell you that bunion shoes lack a sense of style, are colossal and are meant for those with bizarre traits. Well, get it from us – that’s not necessarily true!

Bunion shoes do come in all styles and sizes to suit your preferences. Are you fashion maniac, or just have an impeccable sense of style? Be sure to find whatever suits your taste in bunion shoes.

So whether you are looking for classy men bunion shoes or fashionable women bunion shoesyou can be sure you are not left out.


Now that you have a general idea of what hallux valgus is, what causes it and the best shoes to control this agonizing foot problem, we will guide you on how to choose these wonderful products.

Now, we do understand there’s a lot to put in mind, so we will not leave any table unturned. Be ready for yet another engaging session:

1. Foot shape/ Toe Box

One of the best remedies for preventing and controlling bunions is by making sure that there is ample space in your toe box to relieve your feet from pressure and enhance comfort.

It’s also worthwhile to note that other shoes like sneakers do come with a comfort padding to enhance their suitability. So if you are looking for the best sneakers for bunionsthen this would be an added advantage.

2. Size of the Heels

When looking for the best shoes for people with Bunions, the size of the heel is one of the most important tip to keep in mind. Our feet handle a great deal of weight from our body – in fact all the weight!

That can only mean that wearing high heeled shoes will deviate all the pressure to the toes thus causing Hallux Valgus. If you feel the need to wear those heels, we advise you keep it short and simple. About an inch will do just fine.

3. Stretchy fabric mesh

While performing your daily chores, your feet move a lot. Sometimes you find yourself  tiptoeing while reaching for something. These movements are made possible by having shoes that are versatile and support stretching.

Wearing shoes that are made from rigid material will definitely cause your feet to strain thus causing discomfort and pressure on which bunions thrive in. So, in the event of trying to beat the bunions, keep in mind that you need shoes with stretchy fabric mesh.

4. Ventilation

Fresh air is key to recuperating from bunions and especially during the preliminary stages. Not only do you get pain relief from your sores, fresh air helps them heal much faster and you stay comfortable all day long.

So if you are going to treat those sores, you might as well get into the habit of wearing well ventilated shoes.

5. Good arch support

Shoes that have good arch support help relieve your feet from pressure thus accelerating the healing process of the Bunions. The better the arch support, the more comfortable your shoe will be and the less the pain you will have to bear.

6. Straps

While buying shoes at the store, be sure to buy shoes that come with straps or laces. Theseare particularly good because they come with a more customized fit. If the shoes feels a little too tight, you can always loosen it. While most sneakers are particularly made tin this style, some slip-ons may come without this feature.

7. Extra padding and cushion

It is imperative that you get shoes that have extra padding and cushioning should you be suffering from severe case of bunions.

Yes, most sneakers will come with extra cushioning in handy, but when it comes to slip-ons, well… not all of them have this feature incorporated. 

Final Words

Bunions can be extremely painful, causing you unheard off discomfort. This can in turn affect your work life, your social life and also your self-esteem too.

The good thing is, you don’t have to go through all the pain alone anymore and you don’t have to worry about losing your head to this minor problem. The Best Shoes for Bunions are the way to go and will offer you a lasting solution.

No more going for expensive surgeries now. As you can see from our review, we have quite a lot of solutions for you. Find one that suits your needs and let’s beat this problem together.

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