The 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Men, Women and Kids

When playing indoor soccer, all you need is your regular sneakers – perhaps the running shoes you got recently for those morning jogs or that walking pair that you wear on the weekends. Right? Well, you are dead wrong!

Unlike futsal that can be played in most of the shoes you own, it’s unlikely you will perform with any pair when playing indoor soccer. You will need the best indoor soccer shoes!

You see, in indoor soccer, you can’t overlook some specific features that add to your comfort and performance. We are talking about factors such as rubberized sole for better traction and a low profile for added comfort and style.

You need to be sure that your pair of indoor soccer cleats doesn’t limit your power to rifle a shot for that goal or slow you down while running to get control of the ball.  

And although it needs to fit you well, it doesn’t have to feel very tight. You need comfort for the best performance.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Removable sockliners.
  • EVA insole.

4.7 of 5 Stars#2#2

PUMA Men’s Invicto SALA Soccer Shoe

  • 100% Leather and Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Rubber toe enforcement

4.5 of 5 Stars#2#2

Nike Mercurial Victory VI Dynamic Fit CR7 Indoor-Court Soccer Shoes

  • Tongueless construction
  • Rubber compound
  • Dynamic Fit collar

4.5 of 5 Stars

Indoor Soccer Shoes Comparison

Deciding which shoe is best for indoor soccer can be a hard nut to crack and that’s why we have created a simple chart to give you an overview of what there is in the market, which brands are doing great out there.

Here’s a comparison table of our top picks. Go ahead and check their prices and read specific reviews further down for that perfect fit.

What is the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Shoes?

best indoor soccer shoes

Are you probably wondering what the difference between indoor and outdoor shoes is? Well we have the perfect answer for you right here.

First and foremost, lets us look at the components of soccer boots.

Indoor soccer shoes, like many other shoes, comprise of three main parts. That is, the upper which forms the upper part of the shoe, the midsole comprising the inner parts of a shoe and lastly the outsole which forms the bottom part of your soccer boots.

Though different shoes come with a variety of designs, styles, materials and technology behind them, it is worthwhile to note that all soccer boots have the same Upper and Midsole.

The main factor behind this similarity is the functionality of these parts to provide comfort, support and great feel.

So really what is the difference then? Well, the major difference between indoor and outdoor soccer boots is based on their Outsole (the bottom of the shoe).

Each of these two different types of shoes are made and designed to perform differently given certain field parameters.

To break it down even further, Indoor soccer boots are purposely designed for playing soccer indoors like in Gyms, indoor courts, soccer facilities and so forth. What sets them apart from the outdoor boots or turf soccer boots is their flat surfaced outsole.

Indoor soccer boots are low cut and also have a harder surface area. Outdoor soccer boots or cleats, on the other hand, are intended for playing soccer on outdoor facilities.

They are purposely made to provide the player with traction while at the same time enabling them to turn accelerate and stop with ease without slipping and falling. 

The technology behind the cleats is in their studs which are made of rubber, metal or even plastics. They provide good grip by sinking into the surface.

So determining the right soccer shoe for you or your child will mainly be dependent on the filed parameters and the type of ground you will be playing on.

Of course there are other numerous factors that you should consider while choosing the suitable indoor soccer shoes, but we will be looking at that much later on.

10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Men, Women, Boys and Girls

Finding our top picks hasn’t been easy. We’ve browsed through dozens of options out there and narrowed them down to the best – those which guarantee comfort, better traction and incredible performance.

Here’s a detailed review of our selected shoes including their pros and cons:

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

Adidas is a globally recognized sportswear manufacturing company which has over the years been leading with innovative and high tech sportswear products.

Coming to you with a sleek suede upper embellished with a suede overlay, the Adidas Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe digs deep into the archives for inspiration.

The pair features a pivot point rubber flat outsole with interlocking triangle treads which enhances grip, making it the most suitable men indoor soccer shoes.

Its soft leather upper and also the low profile gum rubber not only make this legendary indoor shoe sell and remain in style but also the most suitable indoor soccer shoes for ankle support.

What We Like

  • Features a gum rubber outsole that provided good traction.
  • Full grain leather makes durable giving you more service
  • Comes with a Die-Cut EVA insole, light in weight and great comfort
  • Comes in range of both white and black color range
  • Available in a range of sizes

What We Don’t  Like

  • The Shoe comes with an arch making it less suitable for people with flat feet


Coming in a range of sizes and white and black color, this pair of Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes stands the test of time by retaining a stylish look while boasting a vintage inspiration.

Perhaps it is one of the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes for men who prefer arched shoes, given its natural arch style technology. Though it might be the best for people with flat feet, this pair will definitely give you the edge of the game.

2. PUMA Men’s Invicto Sala Indoor Soccer Shoe

Having been in the Game for over 60 years now, PUMA knows what it means to be the leading brand in innovative shoes for athletes.  When it comes to indoor soccer shoes, you’ll just love the many options the brand offers.

The colorful Men’s Invicto Sala Soccer Shoe isn’t just any soccer shoes in the market – it’s designed to offer utmost performance while on the pitch and give you the cool appearance while wearing it on any other day.

Designed for top performance, this indoor soccer shoe comes with a combination of both leather and suede in the vamp, offering you a tremendous soft touch and feel to the ball.

PUMA understands too well that accidents happen, and so to prevent you from injuries with a rubber toe reinforcement mechanism, which is put in place for both your protection and also durability.

What about the grip? This is probably the most important factor when looking at any indoor soccer shoe and is thus a top priority for PUMA. This legendary indoor soccer shoe comes with a low profile outsole providing you with excellent grip while ensuring deep comfort and the optimal cushioning thanks to the lightweight removable sock liner.

What We Like

  • The rubber toe enforcement enhances protection to your feet and is also durable
  • Has a ow profile outsole which enhances grip
  • Comes with a removable sock liner with ample cushioning
  • Made from genuine leather making the pair durable and hence giving great service

What We Don’t Like

  • Should you have wide feet, you may want to ask for a larger size than normal as most of them do fit in perfectly well and might deem a bit smaller for your feet


Puma is a very reputable company with a quality user focused products. Their Invicto Sala Soccer Shoe is unbeatable when it comes to providing comfort and style.

Its colorful design and the perfectly blended leather and suede vamp make it an attractive and exceptional pair. If you are looking for durability with style and comfort, then look no further.

3. Kelme Star 360 Men’s Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes 

Kelme is a renowned Spanish company that designs and manufactures apparel and shoes. It deals with products in the line of football, futsal, tennis, basketball and running..

The Kelme Star 360 Mens Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes makes a perfect choice for indoor soccer shoes for men given the grip on its Michelin Rubber outsole.

The pair is meticulously designed to allow for unrestricted movement on the outsole, provide great flexibility and outstanding surface resistance around the turf with complete sole traction.

If you are up for tough feel, then this pair does not disappoint either.

What We Like

  • Variety of color choices and sizes
  • Very comfortable insole allowing for use for long hours
  • Outsole made from rubber for splendid traction
  • Leather upper for added durability

What We don’t Like

  • Have no arch and heel support


When it comes to design, color and style, Kelme Star 360 Mens Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes does not fall short. Crafted to precision with the most experienced hands, these indoor soccer shoes are made to last, giving you excellent service. 

Their color ranges give excellent room for choice and the comfort offered by the leather insole is irresistible.  Though it may be a challenge getting heel and arch support, this pair is worth every dime.

4. New Balance Kids’ Furon 3.0 Dispatch Indoor Soccer Shoe    

The team behind New Balance has always been committed to providing a lasting solution to everyday challenges faced by athletes by constantly coming up with unbeatable products that not only complement the consumer’s needs but also to help them achieve the very best.

When it comes to the best indoor soccer shoes for kids, you’ll certainly the New Balance Kids’ Furon 3.0 Dispatch Indoor Soccer Shoe.

Designed to give a superior fit with a low toe spring, this pair is surely a game changer. It enables you to go play for long hours with hardly any slight feel of discomfort.

Speaking of ball control, the design of the shoe features a textured surface allowing you to have optimal control of the ball.

Soccer is all about balance, control and motion and that’s why New Balance does not fall short when it comes to making the shoe worthwhile for your expertise.

The uppers of the shoe are made synthetic and the outsole is made with genuine rubber making this pair authentic and very comfortable to play in.

 The rubber is not only flexible but also durable. And considering this pair is made precisely for kids, the synthetic upper and the sole are not only light but also attractive for your little ones.

What we like

  • Come with a flexible rubber outsole for traction and also comfort
  • Have a comfortable cushioning foam midsole to keep the feet cushioned and also comfortable
  • The footbed makes it possible to wear the pair for long hours without causing any discomfort to the feet
  • Printed heel graphic for on-pitch visibility

What we don’t like

  • This pair is purposefully made for your kids and therefore does not factor in adult pairs


Embellished with a striking N logo for contrast, this synthetic and rubber indoor soccer shoe is the perfect gift for your child.

Built with safety and control in mind, the rubber sole which is flexible enough allows your child to perform tricks on the turf while ensuring the safety of their foot.

5. Diadora Men’s Capitano LT Indoor Soccer Shoe

Dating way back in 1948, Diadora has been a force to reckon with, when it comes to indoor soccer cleats. This Italian company is best known for its loyalty to the consumers looking for quality and high performance sports gear.

With a distinctive style, the Diadora Men’s Capitano LT Indoor Soccer Shoe brings to the table the exceptionality of the famous Italian craftsmanship. The shoe features quality insole made from ethylene vinyl for added comfort when on the pitch.

The quality Italian leather from which they are made from makes these shoes very comfortable. And to make things better, the pair is available in a range of sizes making them a favorite choice for many.

What we like

  • Made from genuine Italian leather making them both comfortable and also durable
  • Quality rubber outsole
  • Flexible and ample room for your toes to dance around
  • Interactive design technology suitable for interiors

What we don’t like

  • Comes with a small fit. You may want to try a slightly bigger size


Being an Italian company makes Diadora a great shoe brand because the country is known for exemplary quality when it comes to shoes.

The expertise and craftsmanship evidenced in Diadora Men’s Capitano LT Indoor Soccer Shoe is something worth speaking about. Great comfort, exemplary design and perfected fit is what is in store for you!


6. Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Kids love to play and emulate the professionals in the hope that one day they too can become like them. Adidas makes it possible for your kids to be able to prepare themselves for future endeavors with the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes: the Samba Classic. 

This is not just another pair of cleats – it’s the perfect gift for your soccer fan child. It’s the ultimate kid’s soccer shoe that will help shape their dreams.

With a classic twist of leather and suede upper and a synthetic sole you can expect nothing less than a perfect match with these cleats. The suede overlays give the pair that Adidas finish that makes their products stand out from the rest.

In addition to the design, Adidas Samba Classic guarantees optimal comfort with the exemplary Die-cut EVA insole and lightweight nature of the cleat.

And to keep your child safe and on their toes, the gum rubber outsole enhances traction and grip on all indoor surfaces.

What we like

  • Has a synthetic sole for flexibility
  • Die-cut Insole for Lightweight comfort
  • Leather upper for durability with suede over lays giving the cleats a stylish finish
  • Gum rubber outsole enhances traction and grip preventing skidding
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Comes in a range of color choices
  • Available for little kids (4-8 years) and big kids (8-12 years)

What we don’t like

  • Could wear quickly if subjected to too much force


Adidas Samba Classic is the one the legendary creations by Adidas. This pair will offer optimal service when it comes to comfort and stylish finish. The pair features leather material that guarantees great service and durability under regular use and a gum rubber sole that offers maximum traction on indoor floors. 

This pair is certainly one of the most favorite indoor soccer shoes for most youths.

7. Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

Great sportsmanship never come easy, just like winning the trophy takes practice and also dedication.  Now that’s Adidas.

Adidas is dedicated to making sports gear that make pros like Leo Messi. Though they make it look easy, it takes the right sports gear like these Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes to strike, pass and even score with precision.

The special traction sole of this pair is made from authentic flexible rubber which keeps you in complete control with the ball in the indoor field.

Like the grip feeling, the tight fit of a cleat? The lace up and the lightly padded tongue and collar of this soccer shoe will enable you to adjust the tightness of the cleat to your liking, offering maximum comfort during the match.

If stability is anything to go by, then you can rest assured that the molded mid-foot and heel piece will provide the much needed stability.

What we like

  • Molded mid-foot for added stability
  • Lace up and padded tongue make it possible to achieve a snug fit
  • Foam insole make it possible to achieve maximum comfort
  • Flexible rubber sole for stability and traction
  • Available in 4 colors and a variety of sizes

What we don’t like

  • The shoe tend to be a bit narrow so if you are getting one for yourself and prefer maximum room, go for ½ size larger


Having an upcoming match and want to feel and play like a pro? The Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe will offer more than just inspiration for you.

Right from getting the perfect pass through to a full force strike, these cleats will enable you to achieve maximum force thanks to their light weight and also snug fit feature.


8. Nike Kids’ Mercurial X Victory VI CR7 Dynamic Fit Indoor Soccer Shoes

Nike is one the most popular sports apparel, equipment, accessories and footwear companies in the world with products being used globally.

With a mission to expand human potential through their products, Nike makes products that are not only sustainable but also very innovative and user centered.

The Kids’ Mercurial X Victory VI CR7 Dynamic Fit Indoor Soccer Shoes is perhaps one of the best Nike indoor soccer shoes that have rapidly gained popularity amongst the youth. With impressive stylish appearance and a Nike logo stamp, this cleat is sure to impress you.

The pair features a synthetic upper reinforced with a patterned design giving it a post-modernistic finish. The Gum rubber outsole stretching from the rear of the cleat to the front enhances traction on any indoor floor.

You will also love the lace up capability that allows your child to be able to tighten up the grip of the shoe with a soft synthetic neck that provides not only comfort but also warm and a snugly fit.

What we like

  • Has a synthetic neck for tight grip and comfort
  • Rubber outsole for traction on any floor
  • Stylish synthetic upper with a post-modern style appearance
  • Lace up for snug fit
  • EVA Foam footbed for comfort

What we don’t like

  • Synthetic material tends to wear out faster, but when your little one uses the pair on a daily basis. If they practice daily consider getting an extra one


A great shoe is one that not only fits well and gives great service, but one with style, look and finish unified into one. That is Nike Kids’ MercurialX Victory VI CR7 Dynamic Fit Indoor Soccer Shoes.

This pair makes your kid’s feet feel great, look great and play like a pro. They can play on any indoor floor with confidence as the gum rubber takes care of the traction.

9. Adidas Copa Tango 17.1 in Shoe Men’s Soccer

Everything about Adidas is just about class, score, style and purpose as they have expressed in this Adidas Copa Tango 17.1 in Shoe Men’s Soccer.

Whether you are playing from the cage or a court THE Copa Tango puts splendor within striking distance. The pair comes with energy returning boost mechanism which enhances the striking force and feet movements keeping you up and running all through.

The soft leather upper guarantees comfort and placidity giving you the edge in the entire game.

This marvel also features a perfect fit owing to the compression tongue, which greatly increases stability. The Lace up closure ensures a snugly fit so you can worry less now about the boot becoming loose and focusing on the moves.

What we like

  • Lace up closure for a snug fit
  • Compression tongue ensures improved fit as well as stability
  • Full grain leather upper for comfort
  • Energy boost returning mechanism for enhanced energy

What we don’t like

  • Lack of sufficient ventilation for aeration


If you love style and class, then Copa Tango is the perfect choice for you. If you are looking for indoor soccer shoes for ankle support, then look no further because Copa tangle shaft measures approximately Ankle inch from arch providing you with sufficient support.

Wear this tango on your next game and be sure to enjoy the game to the last whistle with energy boost like you never known before. We are not kidding!


10. Under Armour UA Spotlight ID Soccer Shoes

Founded in 1996 by a former Maryland football player – Kevin Plank, Under Armour is an apparel design and manufacturing company that makes sports gear for all seasons.

All great endings start with humble beginnings and that’s just how Under Armour started, with a simple T-Shirt that would provide compression and the much needed perspiration off your skin while on the pitch, gym or the tracks.

Made with a distinctive style, Under Armour UA Spotlight Indoor cleats is just one of those shoes you end up falling in love with right from the shelf. The simplicity and sophistication of its style especially the white version of the boot is overwhelming.

The integration of the material component together with style and balance can hardly go unnoticed.

The upper synthetic material and the rubber sole are harmonious unified to come up with a pair that is not only light in weight to give you maximum comfort and flexibility but also make sure your sense of style is not left out.

The midsole features a removable EVA foam footbed design to give you maximum comfort even for long hours. The rubber outsole is also designed using classic line pattern to enhance grip and also traction while on the turf.

While Under Armour is mostly used by men, it also makes a great choice for women indoor soccer shoes.

What we like

  • EVA foam footbed for comfort and sustainability
  • Classic line pattern tread for traction
  • Stylish design
  • Light in weight for enhanced movement

What we don’t like

  • Synthetic material tends to wear out much more quickly, although when used regularly


Featuring a classic integration of style, design and materials, Under Armour UA Spotlight Indoor is an unmatched indoor soccer cleats for everyday use while on the pitch.

The pair is not only comfortable, it’s also made with the treaded rubber outsole for enhanced traction. What’s even more is that it does not lose its sense of style. Get it and see it for yourself!

Benefits Of Wearing Indoor Soccer Shoes/ Cleats

So why indoor soccer shoes and not just any other pair you have at home? Here are the answers:

1. Function:

As mentioned before, the indoor cleats are made purposefully to improve your performance while on the indoor pitch. They are design in such a ways as to allow you to run forward and also to pivot even as you cut laterally.

If you buy running shoes for paying indoor soccer then you will probably struggle to achieve some of the mentioned movements.

Though the indoor cleats have less cushioning than the running shoes, players usually buy inserts to add depth to the cleats to make them even more comfortable.

Those suffering from flat feet and bunions can also get a pair of indoor soccer shoes that suit them. Provided they have more toe room and are wide enough without limiting on comfortably, they will do just fine. 

Consider checking out our reviews on best shoes for bunions and best shoes for flat feet for a few great options for walking or working.

2. Variety:

Variety is good and that’s why you will find that the most popular brands tweak a few features to be able to meet the consumer preference.

Some models will come with synthetic inserts, padded tongues that fastens over the lacing, and others a stitching so as to create a striking zone for the ball.

The Adidas is well known for using polyurethane synthetic material on the upper together with EVA insoles for comfort. Puma is also not left behind as it features external heel counter for extra support.

Regardless of the brand you choose, indoor cleats come in variety leaving you spoilt for choice.

3. Balance and stability:

Though balance and stability is part of the features that come along with most of these shoes, it’s worth noting that indoor soccer cleats will provide closer contact with the ground as opposed to other kind of shoes.

A flat sole is specifically meant to serve the purpose of protecting your ankles from injuries as it provides your foot with more stable base for support.

4. Added Benefits:

While running shoes may be good while running on the pitch, Indoor soccer cleats give you more control of the ball while at the same time enabling you to be able to achieve great sprints and cuts.

The rubber used to make the outsole complies with the indoor soccer facility rules that are usually against shoes with projecting plastic nor metal cleat s that are likely to damage the turf.

This means that even the rubber outsole does not leave marks on the floor of the facility.


There are tons and tons of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the most suitable indoor soccer cleats for you or your loved ones.  

Whilst there may be so many options out there to choose from, not every feature is suitable for you. Manufacturers are always up to the task, trying to improve the features of their products even as they strive to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few pointers that you can keep in mind while looking for the right pair for you or your little ones:

1. Weight of the shoe:

The weight of any shoe is determined by the material component. Materials like Gum rubber, and leather are commonly used in most shoes, but again the technology behind the design of the shoes can variate the weight of the shoes. 

Since football is all about motion, shoes which are considerably heavy hamper with the ability to make certain movements hence reduced performance. Weight also causes foot problems due to the straining of joints like the ankles and the toe joints.

The good news is that most companies through research and technology have been able to eradicate most of the weight from the footwear hence bringing you very light indoor soccer cleats. So keep in mind that the heavier the shoe the poor the performance.

2. Shoe soles:

Indoor soccer is much different than the outdoor soccer by the very fact that the turf is artificial. When it comes to choosing the most suitable cleats for indoor soccer, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the soles of the shoes.

Indoor soccer requires soles that enhance traction. Superior traction allows you to be able to move around the pitch comfortably and control the ball with ease.

3. Material:

Material is key to any product and more specifically indoor soccer cleats. Like mentioned earlier, material component of cleats determine their weight, durability and at other times the pricing of the products.

Cleats that are made from synthetic materials in many instances will tend to last for a shorter period as compared to those made from pure grain leather.

While this may be true, synthetic materials are also good because they are easier to clean, are flexible. Rubber is the most ideal for the outsole and a mesh for the upper sole is equally good for ventilation purposes.

So whatever you choose to go for, be sure you pay the much needed attention to material like in any other components.

4. Budget:

It is imperative that you have a budget in mind before you make your way to the store. Why is this important? Well, let’s just say that there are endless great deals out there with cleats that will blow you away.

So if you don’t have a budget, you might end up getting a deal for twice or thrice the amount you would have spent on an equally good cleat. Be sure to create and stay within your budget line.

There are many products that are quite affordable and are equally good too. And luckily we included a variety of budget shoes that also come in great quality.

5. Breathability:

Your feet much like the other parts of your body need fresh air to keep them fresh and energetic. However, if you do not keep your feet well aerated, they tend to get fatigued faster hindering you from effectively achieving your moves.

Some indoor soccer cleats will come with a mesh on the upper on most of the areas that need aeration. So it is wise to also think about going for shoes that have a mesh for more ventilation to your feet especially now that indoor pitches tend to get hot faster.

Bunions can be extremely painful, causing you unheard off discomfort. This can in turn affect your work life, your social life and also your self-esteem too.

The good thing is, you don’t have to go through all the pain alone anymore and you don’t have to worry about losing your head to this minor problem. The Best Shoes for Bunions are the way to go and will offer you a lasting solution.

No more going for expensive surgeries now. As you can see from our review, we have quite a lot of solutions for you. Find one that suits your needs and let’s beat this problem together.

Final Words

We understand what it means to be a player, and most importantly what it takes to be a professional one for that matter. The one great common factor between Leo Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Rodriguez is the sports gear they use.

We greatly value your happiness and satisfaction, and even as you head towards the journey of indoor soccer, we do hope that this article will help you in more ways than one to find the best Indoor Soccer Shoes for you and your loved ones.



1. Adidas Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

2. PUMA Men’s Invicto Sala Soccer 


3.Kelme Star 360 Men’s Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes

4.New Balance Kids’ Furon 3.0 Dispatch Indoor Soccer Shoe

5. Diadora Men’s Capitano LT Indoor Soccer Shoe

6.Adidas Samba Classic Leather Soccer Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

7. Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

8.Nike Kids’ Mercurial X Victory VI CR7 Dynamic Fit Indoor Soccer Shoes

9.Adidas Copa Tango 17.1 in Shoe Men’s Soccer

10. Under Armour UA Spotlight Indoor Soccer Shoes

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