how do you stop shoes from making noise when you walk

Squeaky shoes can be a huge embarrassment especially in public or work place settings.  Think of walking to a meeting or a quiet auditorium with shoes making those embarrassing noise akin to releasing air. It can be hell, right? Knowing the source of the squeaking sounds can save the humiliation in future. Here’s a rundown … Read more

best insoles for shoes that are too big

With online shopping become a common phenomenon, there is a chance you will end up buying a shoe that’s half a size larger than what fits you. You definitely can’t toss the new kickers into the bin after forking out a hefty sum on them.  Selling them may not be on the cards too since … Read more

how to remove deep scratches from leather shoes

How to Remove Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes On leather boots, scratches and scruffs are unsightly marks. They not only put a damper on your style but they can also expose the underlying layers of the fabric to destructive elements such s oil and grime. But those minor scratches shouldn’t mean you dump your hardly … Read more

how to fix a cut in leather boots

Here’s A Quick Way to Fix a Cut in Leather Boots Leather boots aren’t just stylish but also among the sturdiest footwear you can get around. They are also expensive making them harder to replace. This means you can’t just toss them into the bin if the fabric got ripped as you strolled on the … Read more